Project Life 2013: Weeks 17, 18, 19, and Day in the Life


IMG_7317Had fun experimenting with the We R Memory Keepers Tangerine journal cards this week. LOVE the color combinations…

IMG_7318A rare week with multiple inserts. I happen to have two photos that I really loved this week, I enlarged them and included them in simple sleeves. I had planned to cut them down and have them included in the weekly layout’s journal slots, but they didn’t fit.



IMG_7323I absolutely LOVE this polaroid frame wood veneer, it is a custom order from HERE. Order. You will love the product and the customer service. I promise.

IMG_7325WEEK 18

IMG_7326I am still loving the jade core kit. The colors are so much fun…I especially like the way the “dream big” card came out…some weeks come together easier than others.


IMG_7332I need more of the little star wood veneers…


I have put this off for years. It has been almost three years since I last took on the “Day in the Life” challenge. I wanted to include the photos in some way in my Project Life. After seeing this months Studio Calico PL Kit, the journal cards made it easy. I printed out all the photos from the day. My plan was to include a few in this week’s layout and then use the rest as fillers if need be (as they represent things we do almost daily). I kept the actual layout very simple:



IMG_7341The entirety of the photos were turned into photo books via Shutterfly’s Project Life templates (which are completely awesome and so easy to use). I am kicking myself for not doing this project last year and the year before. I am, however, enjoying looking at both books and seeing just how much things have changed between 2010 and now…

IMG_7359Mainly, how much our MORNING routine has changed…

IMG_7361And how much the boys have grown…

IMG_7362No more bink. No more baby Jakey…

IMG_7365WEEK 19

And then I fell head over heels in love with Honey. I have an admitted core kit buying problem. And now officially have ten lifetime’s worth of journal cards…

IMG_7348I even used the pink *gasp*…and kinda love it.


IMG_7353WEEK 20 Progress: I can’t get over how HAPPY the Honey kit is…the colors, the images, the sayings…

IMG_7355And my new favorite card to date…it all just came together. Another custom wood veneer. And the cutest sleeping four-year old…I still can’t figure out how he fell asleep like that, I am just glad I grabbed my phone.


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A Day in the Life…

It’s hard to believe that it’s been three years since I’ve taken on the “Day in the Life” Challenge. SO MUCH has changed since THEN


Up early to make lunches x 2, snacks x 3, and breakfast x 3:

IMG_7162Feed, clean, dress boys. Beginning of our daily amassing of laundry:

IMG_7165Lunches, shoes, backpack: check…

IMG_7168After feeding, cleaning, and dressing the boys, I have approximately ten minutes to get ready. Starting the “60 Day Closet Challenge” today:

IMG_45767:50: in the car, head to drop off number one:

IMG_7175Ty to before school care:

IMG_71778:20: back in the car, head for drop off number two. I don’t think I realized until today just how much time I spend in the car:

IMG_45938:45: drop Jake off and join him for a round of hopscotch:

IMG_7184Waaaaaaaaaait for Jake to settle in, wash hands…

IMG_71869:00: back in the car, head to work.

9:20: love walking into the hallway every morning…

IMG_7188Grade papers, lesson plans, check emails, return phone calls…work schtuff:

IMG_719210:55: catch a peek of Ty playing during his recess while walking to the teacher’s lounge during morning recess.

IMG_719612:30: finish teaching just in time to walk over and pick Ty up.

IMG_7198Super Hero art project day…heh:

IMG_720512:45: back in the car to pick up Jake. Who is always without shoes…

IMG_7212But he’s HAPPY.

IMG_7217And fulllllllllllll of SAND. I am sure that Jake took home half the sand box today. Before we head inside, I vacuum the backseat of the car:

IMG_7219We ran a couple errands on our way home. We are all hungry. I make the boys a snack and finally make myself some lunch. Likely the one part of my day I need to work on/change. It’s always about 2:00 by the time I sit down to eat which is a little late for lunch. I need to be better about packing a snack…I think.

IMG_72242:30: a little Kindle play time.

IMG_7225While I begin a load of laundry:

IMG_72273:00: Jake colors, Ty works on his “All About Words” book for his teacher:

IMG_72294:00: I sit down to organize the last-minute details for Ty’s teacher appreciation week this week. I realize I sent out the right days, wrong dates. Send new emails off…

IMG_72354:30: pack the boys up, grab a water bottle, and back in the car. Mommy “gym” time. My happy place:

IMG_72386:30: it’s late by the time we walk in the door. It’s a Costco dinner night: kale salad and black bean burgers. LOVING my new panini maker, dinner is ready in less than 10 minutes.

IMG_7239Boys eat…

IMG_72447: 15: bath time fun…


IMG_7252Post-bath crazies:

IMG_72617: 45: finally PJ’d and settled in for a show. This kid is totally NOT tired:

IMG_7266Never ending laundry…

IMG_7270A little secret: I loathe folding socks. Like, I’d rather BUY new socks than fold old ones. I often wait and wait and wait until someone starts to complain that he can’t find any cleans ones. Unfortunately, this morning we struggled to find Ty a pair which meant today was the day…I attacked the mountain of socks. LUCKILY, Tyson thinks matching socks is a fun game. He helps.

IMG_72748: 15: Daddy sneaks in at some point. During the daddy-is-home and sock folding excitement, this one fell asleep:

IMG_7276Which means quiet one on one book reading with Ty before bed:

IMG_7277Put Ty to bed, FINALLY shower, and sit down…it’s just about 9:00. Tired Mama.


A Day in Our Life (Part One)

A fellow Mommy put out the challenge to photograph “A Day in Your Life”…here is our day today. I had every intention of waking up at 5:30 to run; however, Jake was up three times with a cold last night so the early morning run was out of the question. You will notice his never ending snot nozzle throughout the pictures. Our day was also defined by this lovely piece of paper hanging from my door. After 7 am, we would have NO STREET ACCESS. At all. Home bound. All day. My equivalent of a nightmare.
Having slept through my running alarm, I was startled awake by a three and a half year old poking my eye and asking to sleep in my bed at 6:05. Shortly followed by the cries of his brother…I walk into this sight almost daily. Jake + blankey + binky in mouth + one bink just in case:
Jakey takes a few minutes to warm up…
And then he was off to Lego at his table:
Tyson figured he would take his own set of pictures:
Good angle:
Breakfast. Scones and cantaloupe:
Jake’s signal he’s done with his meal = throws EVERY remaining piece ON THE FLOOR.
And is the reason I have a broom standing in my kitchen at all times:
After every meal, Jake will wait for Ty to walk away from the table. Climb into Ty’s chair. And eat whatever remnants of the meal suit him:
Having no street access for THE DAY. We were out, coffeed, and home by 7 am. However, I didn’t get more than a sip most of the morning. Into the microwave it goes…for the first time. I attempt to scarf down my now cold eggs and warm cantaloupe:
The boys start to hear the sound of the big trucks outside (our street is being repaved)…they are completely captivated:
More play time at the Lego table (the top flips over so it can be a simple table as well. The boys spend a LOT of time sitting at the table playing legos, cars, reading, drawing…). Jake is still carrying around two binks:
He’s recently discovered his Little People toys. I love watching him play with them and listening to the sounds he makes. He was “moo’ing” as he put the farmer into the tractor and placed a cow on the back:
Checking out his brother’s train set up in the window ledge:
Playing trains and keeping an eye on the work trucks outside:
Potty training. Nightmare. Thatisall.
While the boys play, I start the first load of laundry for the day:
And in my effort to multi-task, I put the camera down within reach of little hands. It drops. My nifty fifty breaks. I cry. Rookie mistake. An expensive one:
We get dressed in intervals here. I have to literally chase each boy around the house to get them dressed so I go in stages. Most important part accomplished:
We start our project for the day. I have one boy who LOVES to color with crayons and another who loves to eat/break/throw them. Tyson gets very upset when crayons are broke. Or unwrapped. Shocking, don’t know where he gets that from. So, today, I am going to turn all the broken pieces (added some) into bigger disks. Some by color. Some rainbow. Tyson helped me unwrap crayons. Jake broke them. Worked out perfectly:
Ty then helped me sort them and place the ones he wanted into the rainbow cups:
All ready to go in the oven:
Melted. Cooling. I then put them in the freezer for thirty minutes or so to help separate the paper cup from the new crayon:
Meanwhile, we headed outside where the boys had a front row seat for all the road work going on:
Pom pom. Rain boots. Brother. Check:
Watched trucks. Played trucks:
We have this area in our front yard, Ty calls it the “jungle”. I drew dinosaur footprints and he headed into the jungle on a dinosaur hunt:
No dinosaurs, but he found a LOT of mud:
Jakeyloves to push trucks around the driveway:
Tyson rode his tricycle:
The road workers were so nice to the boys. They honked and waved. Tyson couldn’t get over the REAL LIFE “Lightening McQueen” truck (from the scene were he has to repave the road and drag the big asphalttruck behind him):
Free, live entertainment:
Until the boys realized the fun, pavement trucks came with a smell. We headed to the backyard for some water table fun:
And I knew it wouldn’t be long before my little Nature Boy got his clothes wet and did away with them all together. I chalked it up to “helping the potty training” efforts:
While the boys played outside, I put away a load of laundry:
Jakey decided he had had enough. Came inside. I started to put lunch together. He found his puzzle:
Ty came inside and found his LeapFrogbook reader:
I took our crayon creations out of the freezer and took them out of the cupcake liners. They came out fabulously. SUPER easy project:
Peanut butter sandwich and cheez-its for Ty:
Turkey meatballs, cheez-its, and cantelope for Jake:
Salad for Moi:
Ends up on the floor. Tantrum. I saw it coming as I kept him up in hopes of a double nap from the boys:
And it’s nap time:
More laundry:
Potty training. Nightmare. Sense a theme:

Less than two months til the October Half Marathon, means no skipping runs. Even though the LAST thing I want to do is run…I do. Nap time date with the dreadmill:

Run: check. 3.5 miles. 30 minutes:

A Day in Our Life Continued…

After my run, I shower. Check e-mail. Facebook. And then hear my Baby Jakey:
Who doesn’t wake up on the right side of the crib:
Takes a few minutes and then discovers his brother left out his bin of cars:
We play outside. Chalk. Wait for Ty to wake up:

Once Ty wakes up, Mama is in SERIOUS need of a second coffee. I rarely stay home all day. Can’t do it. The roads are done. We have the free and clear to drive. Off we go:

And Mama is a happy camper:

We stop by the little produce market, SO YUMMY, and pick up the makings for guacamole and more cantaloupe:

The boys are having taquitoes for dinner. I am going to make them some fresh guacamole:

Jacob is VERY excited. Ty is watching Wonder Pets:

We wait for dinner to cool down and color with our new crayon creations (have no idea what to call them):

While outside on our dinosaur-mud hunt, we picked up some leaves to do leaf prints:

Jakey had fun coloring too:

Tyson’s leaf. He is in a MAJOR green phase right now. Everything green…he loves:

Dinner time. Jake tears up the guacamole as I thought he would. He left a little for Daddy:


“Wha…me. I didn’t throw anything.”

I clean up the kitchen. Again. The boys run up to the playroom. Jake Lego’s again. Ty jumps:

Train fun:

And then we hit 6. Witching hour. The whining. Tantrums. Hold me NOW. Begins:

So, we look like this for the majority of the time remaining until bath:

We read. The boys LOVE I Spy books. Awesome time taker-upper-er:

“Jake, do you see the water can?”

One last slide session in the playroom…

Potty time. Jake has to do EVERYTHING his brother does. EVERYTHING:

Bath. I wish I could capture the VOLUME level. It’s LOUD. Very LOUD:

My LEAST favorite time of the day. Pajama time. Chase each boy down. Get them dressed. Not fun or easy:

And tonight, while chasing down Ty and getting him dressed Jake decided to PEE in the corner behind the chair. Awesome:

Get the boys dressed. Kung Fu Panda time. Jakey is super sleepy:

Jake down. One more to go:

Finally, Daddy walks through the door:

While Daddy changes and eats dinner, Ty and I play Candy Land. He cheats. I lose.

Books. Brush teeth. Ty goes down. It’s 9:13 and I am finally sitting down. Kicking my feet up. And picking up my book for the FIRST time all day:

NOT EVEN CLOSE to what I imagined the life of a stay-at-home mom would be. Not even close. And a potty training overall update: TODAY = no accidents from Ty. Just Jake’s little after bath situation. Go figure. So proud of Ty. We are getting there SLOWLY but surely.

Project Life 2014: Weeks 29, 30, and 31

Week 29

One of my favorite kits: the Plus One Mini Kit combined with Simple Stories stickers. One color scheme, a couple different embellishments = a faster, more streamlined approach.


I don’t use a lot of alpha stickers, but the “DECLUTTER” card opened the alpha sticker food gates. You will be seeing a lot of them in the next few weeks.


Keeping it simple, letting the pictures tell the story, and trying to journal more…


Week 30

If you know me well, you know that using pink, in this quantity, is a huge step outside of my comfort zone. I loved the bright colors in this kit…and embraced the presence of the pink.




Week 31

In an effort to catch up, I have started to place journal cards in pockets along with the photos in two week chunks. Allows me to keep the embellishments consistent and work across two spreads v changing up the whole routine each week. I may go back to my weekly change up next year, but for now, this process is working well for me…


Sometimes everything just comes together…capturing our happy place and sharing one of my favorite childhood memories with the boys. Love that our days at the Lake are becoming one of their favorite summer traditions:

plw31left plw31right

Project Life 2014 Week 27: Using Project Life to Document Our NYC Trip

NYCPLDuring our week in NYC this past summer, I carried a large envelope in my travel bag. I used it to collect ticket stubs, flyers, receipts: anything that I thought would help make my Project Life layout more interesting. When I got home, I uploaded photos, took out all the collected goodies and went to work…I ended up with a regular weekly layout + 2 inserts.

PLNYClayoutI purposefully used a calendar as my weekly title card to help summarize/document our week. In trying to keep the inserts to a minimum, I knew I’d lose some photo space and all our activities may not make the final cut. However, the calendar card allowed me to capture everything in one spot.

plnycleftRight side with inserts. A yellow pocket houses our game tickets and receipts from the boys’ souvenirs.

nycplrightRight side without inserts. I tried to find one photo per day to capture our adventure. Lots of ticket stubs. I love ticket stubs: they tell a story all their own.

plnycright1A close up of the calendar card. The preview photos from my Costco order were the perfect size:


Project Life 2014: Weeks 24, 25, and 26

Week 24

Used the new Heidi Swapp Project Life core kit this week. Loved the bright colors and fun fonts:
plw22_edited-1Tyson’s last week of school, Jake’s first week of summer break, and my last few days of the school year:


Keep those movie ticket stubs. One of my favorite non-photo additions to Project Life:

plw23rightWeek 25

Another Heidi Swapp Project Life kit, this time the gold and blue mini kit. Swoon. Love the colors and font so much. Our first official week of summer break: gym time, craft time, and lazy mornings…

plw24a Week 26

Prepping for our NYC trip, new chucks for me, ninja training for the boys…


Project Life 2014: Week 23

WEEK 23: Dear Lizzy Polka Dot Party Mini Kit
plw23One of my favorite kits used to capture a bittersweet last week of preschool, the annual art show, and an epic amount of end-of-the-year grading.

plw23aIn the blink of an eye: a sweet baby Jake during his first week of Mommy and Me Class and then big boy Jake on his last day of preschool…


Project Life 2014: Week 7

Had  a rare afternoon yesterday with good lighting and otherwise-occupied children…managed to photograph the last few month’s worth of Project Life layouts. Major blog update in the works. For now, Week 7:


Project Life 2014: Week 6

plwk6A birthday week. My favorite colors. Washi tape. Fun.