Tyson is 11 Months Old

Ty is 11 months old and I am in severe denial that the big O-N-E is just around the corner. It is really amazing to see how far he’s come in 11 short months. I can still vividly remember being VERY pregnant this time last year. Struggling to squeeze my belly into my students’ desks to help them. Having my kids write me pieces of advice in preparation of Ty’s arrival- although at the time we had NO idea what we were going to name our little dancing bean. Eleven months later and Ty…

* WALKS…runs even
* gets into EVERYthing and anything
* says “Mama”, “Dada”…and various other things in his “own” language
* he loves to play with his toys and is fun watching him. He’s recently learned how to really play with his shape sorter and loves taking things in and out of boxes
* he moved up a clothing size. He spent about a week in the 6 – 12 month sized clothes and jumped up to the 12 – 18 month size in what seemed to be overnight.
* he also wears a size 4 diaper now
* still LOVES grilled cheese sandwiches

It is so hard to remember all of the fun and new things he does because he seems to learn something new everyday. He is a very aware, persistant kid- he’ll closely watch what you do and often copies you in his own way. He is silly and funny…and stubborn. He’ll let you know when he’s not happy…and clearly makes it known when he is. He is at a fun, fun age!!


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