Stitch Fix: I May Never Step Foot in a Store Again

A few of my very wise and fashion savvy mommy homies have shared the wonders of Stitch Fix. Intrigued, I decided I had to try it myself. I almost always have both boys in tow which makes shopping rank up there next to pulling teeth. Having stayed home for five years, and recently re-entering the workforce a couple years ago, I have several different wardrobes in several different sizes…most of which are out of date or poorly fitting. Enter the wonder that is Stitch Fix.

You fill out a style profile. Set up a delivery date. And a cute little polka dot box arrives at your doorstep with handpicked clothes just for you. You can try them on at home. Without your little ones threatening to open the dressing room door or peeking their little heads underneath or hearing them YELL your size our for the entire store to hear. Mommy friendly, shopping genius for the fashion challenged like myself.

IMG_8432Part of the reason I was especially intrigued by this opportunity was the chance to step out of my clothing comfort zone. Read: purchase items that aren’t thrown in the cart at Target or Costco. Or my staple Gap trousers for work. The only problem with stepping out of my fashion comfort zone is that it then presents the challenge of how to wear or style. Stitch Fix provides you with a styling card with various outfit possibilities. Thankyouverymuch. I loved the little hand written note, I had noted that I have an IMPOSSIBLE time finding pants, especially after starting CrossFit. It meant a lot that the stylist took that into consideration…

IMG_8431In this months box:


1. Just Black- Adora Skinny Jeans: I actually laughed as I pulled these out of the box. I thought for SURE there was no way I was going to fit all of me into these tiny little skinny jeans. Apprehensively, I stepped inside and pulled…and they fit. Overwhelmed with shock, I turned to the mirror and was surprised to like them. To be completely honest, I am slightly concerned that the back hem is working a little too hard and fear they may be too small. I have never worn anything so fitted. Or this shade of gray. But thanks to a quick Facebook post, my friends have convinced me to try these bad boys…KEEP.

2. Under Skies- Milan Lace Print Back Pleat Top: I loved this out of the box but wasn’t a fan of it on. It was boxy and shapeless, and made me feel schlepy. RETURN.

3. Ezra- Rothwell Chevron Strip Split Neck Blouse: I actually squealed when I saw this top. LOVED it. And then I put it on. Not so much. Disappointed. I really wanted to love this top. RETURN.

4. 41Hawthorn- Ivy Solid Tab Sleeve V-Neck Blouse: I actually really liked this one. If it had been a little less expensive, I would have kept it, but at $68 I have too many similar shirts to justify this purchase. RETURN.

5. 41 Hawthorn- Abrianna Longsleeve Cardigan: I love open, flouncy cardigans and own enough to prove it. However, this one was a little thin and a little big for my liking. LOVED the color though. RETURN.

You pay an initial $20 styling fee which is then credited towards your purchase if you decide to keep any items. If you decide to keep all five items you get 25% off the entire box. While I am only keeping one item, I am still extremely happy with Stitch Fix and look forward to my next box. You fill out an online survey following your purchase in hopes of narrowing down your style a bit more. I am hoping my next box brings more color and shape. All items that don’t work out for you are simply placed in a pre-paid priority shipping bag and dropped off at the USPS. I can do that. Even with kiddos in tow.

For now, I am left with new gray jeans. A HUGE step out of my typically dark-colored bottoms. I happen to have the suggested items from the style card. Look out…heh. I shall sit and bend gingerly until I am confident those back seams can handle me.


Fashion blogger, I am not. However, I am more determined to shop my closet and add new pieces to help me break my yoga pant addiction. And add more color to my wardrobe. If you are interested in trying Stitch Fix you can try via this referral link: HERE.

If you try it, let me know what you think and what you get!!


Kid’s Crafty Sub Box: Green Kid Crafts

Another winning box from Green Kid Crafts…absolutely LOVING this box:


I didn’t order the sibling supplement this month. As an experiment, I wanted to see how the boys did with one set of crafty goodness. For this month, it worked out really well. Tyson was so excited to see three candles, he insisted I join them. Diwali Candle making:


The boys sat and worked to make their candles “beautiful” for a long time…love that it was great fine motor skills practice for Tyson as well:


Our finished lovelies:


The next day, with Ty at school, Jake ran to the box and grabbed the mask project. After setting things up for him, he went to town:


And insisted it was a “scary” mask, not “cute” or “beautiful”…


Finished version one, he proceeded to add to it as the day went on…and wore it everywhere:


If you haven’t checked them out, do it!! Super fun crafty projects, awesome philosophy…kid crafty goodness delivered to your doorstep.

We are anxiously awaiting next month’s box!!

Currently have this vision in my backseat: IMG_2207

Crafty Kid Subscription Box RAVE: Kiwi Crate

I have had my eye on this particular subscription box for quite some time. I came across a $10 off coupon code and decided to pull the trigger. SO SO glad I did, we all LOVED this one. For this particular box Kiwi Crate paired with Carnegie Hall to present a music box:



We started with the xylophone activity. First step: decorate the box…



Love how Ty volunteered to help Jake write his name on his box. Sweet boy.



And THIS picture speaks volumes and expresses our love of this box more than I can articulate through prose:



Jake loved the sticker pattern part of the festivities:



Super fun and clever way to teach kids about composing music and patterns:



Playing his first ever composed piece of music, heh:



These make me swoon. I love everything about them:



We moved onto the bell bracelets. The kit provided pencils with which to decorate the wooden beads:



They were a little too tricky for Jake to manipulate, so we used crayons instead. Just as much fun, less frustration from the three year old:



After making the beads “beautiful” we stringed. Jake liked to shake after each bead to make sure it sounded just right…



And then we had our own little family dance party featuring DJ Tyson…!!


I absolutely LOVE this box and am giddy about what is in store for us next month…

If you would like to try, receive $10 off via this link: HERE. Let me know what you think!!


Subscription Box: Crafty Fail


Multiple rainy days = perfect time to bust out the crafty subscription box. Today, we gave the Babba Co. box a shot…



By far, the biggest hit of the entire box was the pair of “noculars” and moon chart:



The boys excitedly waited while I prepped the moon activity:


Ty helped make the glue mixture. His face was priceless. Messy isn’t his thing. This was about as far as he got:


Jake, however, loved:


With Ty out of the picture, I stepped in and helped. One by one, we pieced on the paper squares:


A lot of hardwork later, we had this lovely:


While it dried, we read the book that was provided in the box. Super cute story:


Now, this is where things turn sour. You are supposed to pop the balloon, pull it off the edges, and end up with a round, paper mache moon. Here is our version?!@#$ Not so much. Crafty fail. At least we got the fun little light up candle?


While I love the idea behind the Babba Co boxes: activity, supplemental app freebies, book to supplement activity…it is a little spendy for me. We enjoyed this box but will not be renewing…I have fallen in love with a couple of others.


Subscription Box: Amazepack

As soon as I saw the Amazepack subscription box, I knew it was a match made in crafty subscription box heaven. And I was not disappointed…I squealed when I saw this lovely on my doorstep.

And opened it right up…

I love that this crafty endeavor took me out of my paper-loving comfort zone and forced me to try my hand at painting…

I also painted a little glass sugar bowl for a jewelry holder gifty type thing…and yes, I know my painting leaves a lot to be desired. I don’t have a steady hand. Or the patience needed for fine details…heh.

The finished soap dispensers…one is complete, one still needs “something”:

I love the way this one came out. Funny, it was the one I liked the least out of the oven, but had fun embellishing it up. And there truly isn’t anything that can’t be prettied up by a little burlap:


Mod-podged the washi tape and paper accent to seal, glued on the flower, voila:

Added a little washi, but it still needs something…

I absolutely adore Amazepack…can’t wait for next month’s crafty fun!!

Grateful Tree: Green Kid Crafts Box

After some wet rainy day cozy coupe fun, we headed inside for a few crafty endeavors…

I traced a simple tree trunk outline on a piece of 12 x 12 kraft paper (could easily use a paper bag):

Inspired by the Green Kid Crafts “use everything” philosophy, we completed this project with simple things around the house. I cut up a few pages of today’s newspaper for the boys to use as the tree trunk. Gave them the glue and let them go to town filling in the trunk shape:

For the branches, I had the boys rip the little pieces of newspaper in half. Kept it simple.

While they glued, I cut out the leaves for them. I  used the leaves on the back of the Tile Collage as a template for the orange and yellow paper:

My heart swooned a little as Ty filled out his leaves. As he wrote meticulously, we talked about things both boys loved and would miss if gone. We also talked about things we were grateful for. I love how this “supplemental” activity on the back of a set of directions could easily be a fifth addition to the box and sparks such meaningful conversation:

Jake dictated his answers but was more than ready to glue on his own leaves:

Finishing up his tree. LOVE the little glue bottles. I am going to keep and refill them (keeps the boys from emptying the contents of larger containers in one go)…

Real, five-year old answers:

The finished trees. Such a sweet project:

Our fall display. I was so excited I didn’t let the trees dry completely. They have since dried and all dripping paint has been wiped away. This space makes me so happy. I love their love of artsy fun…

My Latest Obsession: Subscription Boxes

It started slowly: Studio Calico. And then Nature Box. And now…Green Kid Crafts. Advertised as “fun and earth friendly craft kits, devoted to kids”, I was immediately intrigued and couldn’t resist. We received this lovely in the mail today and the boys and I dove in:

The theme this month, “Food Adventures”:

Inside the box: the supplies for four craft projects, cheddar bunnies, and coupons…

Jake and I started with the “Fishing Game”:

He attempted to cut the felt himself but it was a little too tricky for him. I finished up cutting the fish while he ate the bunnies. The end result: a super cute little game.

I called out a color, and he went fishing…

And LOVED it…

I love that nothing really goes to waste. All products and packaging are recyclable. On the back of the project directions was a “grateful” activity. The boys can write one thing they are grateful for and I can help them make it into a tree…our finished trees: here.

Next, we did the “Ceramic Tile Coaster” activity:

Since I purchased this deal through Plum District, I upgraded to a double sibling box. Both boys got to do each activity. Jake was super serious, concentrating on each tile:

Tyson took the more efficient approach, empty nearly all glue onto tile and put the ceramic pieces on. Two different approaches, same end product:

While Jake finished his tile, Ty fished:

Once dry, they will work with hot or cold beverages. I LOVE them:

Final thoughts: I think this box is awesome sauce. I love it. I love the philosophy behind it. The boys LOVED it…we are fans. We still have two fun projects for another day and I am already looking forward to our next box of crafty fun!!