December Daily 2014: Moments 11 through 20

Moment 11: Not sure what I’ll put here, but it will go inside or on top of the bag…loving the blue/gold/wood veneer combination.
dd11Moment 12: will likely put cards/notes from my students in the bag or possibly a photo/journal card for a separate moment…lots of flexibility within the album.

dd12Moments 13 and 14: I plan to add photos of the boys’ class parties…

dd13and14Moment 15: the boys’ handwritten notes, drawings, and words really complete the album for me. I have incorporated cards in order to keepsake their thoughts/memories…

dd15Moment 16: more of the boys’ artwork/words…

dd1617: space to journal/add photos…not sure what will go here quite yet.

dd17Moment 18: space to add a photo and journal what we are doing “currently”…

dd18Really inspired to use my washi tape stash for this project and loving the outcome:

dd18bMoment 19: will likely use for the boys’ schoolwork and/or Santa Letter. You can also see the backside of the confetti pocket. I found it a lot easier to use an Exacto knife, slice along the top border, place the goodies inside, and use washi tape to close. Half the time it takes to hand stitch a pocket closed and almost the same final look.

dd19Moment 20: entirely devoted to the boys’ artwork and words.



December Daily 2014: Moments 1 through 10

I thought I would take some time to share my December Daily foundation pages. For the most part, beyond the placement of the numbers and pocket pages, I have no real plan set in stone. Instead of daily moments, I will focus on overall moments throughout the month: if one day produces three moments, awesome, if another produces zero, that is okay as well.


My opening pages focus on my WHY of the project:


As you will see throughout the album, I am using a mixture of pre-made journal cards, the ones that came with the Ali Edwards December Daily Kit and handwritten, list/journal type pages. For the opening WHY page, I loosely made lines with a pencil. Journaled my why, erased the pencil lines, and added embellishments. Simple but love the outcome.


I started to list all of the items/photos/moments I hope to capture in December. As I was doing so, I decided to turn the list into a filler page. A fun, colorful, alphabet page followed…



Moment 1: will focus on our tree. Ty’s drawing will serve as a reminder to take a black and white photo of our set up. I will use the drawing in the album elsewhere in the end.


Moment 2: will focus on the boys’ multiple lists and letters to Santa. I will place them in the bag…


Moment 3: undecided. Will be receipts or tags maybe? They will go in the bag with possible journaling outside…


Moment 4: love how the boys’ wrap each other’s gifts. I plan to incorporate photos of their wrap jobs here.

DD4Moment 5: a good example of the loosely penciled in lines. I didn’t want them perfect. I will journal and then erase them. I plan to list our favorite holiday shows and movies here.


Moment 6: undecided, but this year’s December Daily inspired me to finally use up some of my washi tape stash…

DD6Moment 7: forgot to photography…will add later.

Moments 8 and 9 will focus on the boys’ basketball. The 9 is adhered to a clear Project Life page divider. Loved the hint of green it offered to keep with the blue/green/red color scheme of the double page layout.


Moment 10: another list, this time our favorite family holiday books.


December Daily 2013: Part One

I swore up and down I would absolutely NOT do December Daily this year after making it through day three last year. I will NOT BUY A December Daily Kit, I said. NO, NO, NO. And then the kits came rolling out. And it became, maybe I’ll buy ONE kit this year. JUST ONE. Heh. For the most part, I stuck to the one kit purchase. I am really hoping THIS is the year I FINISH my attempts at a Daily December album. Hold it to me people.


ddcoverpageDay 1: I am more or less keepsaking moments versus days. In the little bag, I had the boys write down their hopes for the season, and I did the same. Having completely dropped the ball on family photos this year, I had Jake draw a family portrait. I kind of love it more than an actual photo…

ddp1Day 2: I lost an envelope of pictures somewhere. I have no idea where they are. I have ordered second copies and am waiting for them to finish this page…

ddp2Day 3: Decorating our tree…

ddp4Day 4: A Thanksgiving Break tradition, our third year doing it, making our Salt Dough Advent Calendar. The boys did most of the work this year. These ornaments are always my FAVORITE.

ddp6Day 5: Our Elf on the Shelf made his annual appearance. Magic for the boys, many EARLY MORNING panicked wake ups for ME- did I move the elf??!!

ddp7Day 6: The beginning of the boys’ Christmas Lists. As of today, Christmas Eve, they’ve penned about five different versions of their list…

ddp8Day 7: First real season of basketball for Tyson. So much fun. So different watching him play a sport where he is truly SELF motivated…

ddp9Days 8 and 9: The calm before the December Crazy storm. Trying my best to stay ahead of the game. And a fun, mid-week birthday party…

ddp10Days 10 and 11: More fun with Victor, our elf, and an ice skating adventure with my boys…

ddp11Days 12 and 13: Will trim black and white photos to place in the cut out letters of “favorite” and I had to keep Tyson’s last list. I know that all too soon his list will no longer reflect little boy wishes…sigh.


Half way there!! Chugging along…

December Daily: Moments 1 and 2

The cover came together…


Back side. Even though it says, “December Daily”, I have decided to focus on 25 moments/memories instead of daily happenings:


1. Salt Dough Advent Calendar




Upside down heart + OA “l” mini alpha = Christmas tree:



2. Disneyland




December Daily 2012

I finally sat down and started my 2012 December Daily album. I have had it unpacked and sitting on the craft table for a little over a week but found the idea of it entirely overwhelming. Having finally started, I am feeling a lot better about it and am excited to watch it all unfold…

Trying to keep it simple, as simple will get done:

I haven’t quite decided how I want to format the actual pages but am liking the title page. I plan to staple the first two pages together once I get the backside completed. However, the little christmas tree clip is fun and may just stay…

Have you completed a December Daily? I am really really hoping THIS is the year I follow through to the end. And not the year, I add to my Ziplocked collection of previous December Daily attempts…