Sweet Stamp Shop: Weekly Planner Chart for Kids

This particular Sweet Stamp Shop project was inspired by a Mama Homie who made laminated backpack checklists for her boys. My six year old asks daily if it is a school day, a short day, a sneaks day or Chucks day (PE/walking club day or regular day). To help ease his morning spice, I wanted to make him a Weekly Planner Chart. The stamps provided the perfect images. First step, gather supplies: colored pencils, stamps, ink pad, and free weekly chart printable HERE
SSSWeeklyCharteditI love that this chart provides visuals for Jake. It is easy for him to take control of his morning routine and get himself ready accordingly. Tuesdays are library days: make sure your library book is in your backpack. Before bed, make sure you’ve packed your snack. Wednesdays are art days, don’t wear your favorite t-shirts as you may get messy. PE and Walking Club days call for sneaks, no Chucks.

SSSWeekly1editAn overall look. I love the way it came out. Fun, stampy visual reminders could be used for work days, off days, morning and evening routines, meal planning, gym days…so many possibilities. What would you include in a visual reminder chart?

You can find the Sweet Stamp Shop stamps HERE and me HERE.

Thank you for reading!!


Teacher Appreciation Door Sign


Really happy with the way this came out…love the fun, bright feel and texture of different pieces of cardstock. The rainbow: lots of various circle punches glued to mimic a rainbow shape. For the flowers, I wanted imperfect circles to help connect the top of the sign with the bottom. For the grass, I had the boys help cut pieces and glue them on. The me & my BIG ideas big alpha stickers were the perfect finishing touch. The last of the kiddos will sign the cloud tomorrow morning ❤

Project Life 2015: Week Eight

I typically place photos into sleeves as I print them. Then, as I find time, I go back and add the journaling and embellishing. As I sat down to work on Week 8, I noticed I hadn’t placed any photos on the left side. Not a single one. I immediately considered the week a wash; however, I had a few stacks of the boys’ school work and artwork sitting behind me and I decided to use the scanning app on my phone. I scanned the pieces of work, printed them on 4×6 matte paper, and LOVE the result. In fact, it might just be one of my most favorite Project Life layouts to date. Kid-made art makes my heart happy…

IMG_5193I loved the frame journal card and knew I wanted to work with it, but the pink background didn’t match my color scheme. I cut out the frame, printed this scanned picture as 1 x 1.5-ish, and it turned out super cute. I plan to do something like this monthly to help alleviate the stacks and stacks of kid work I keep (and have no idea what to do with).


Playroom Art Display


Updated our playroom art display using the me & my BIG ideas DIY Gallery Art Pad for boys. Super fast. Easy. As I flipped through the pad, I squealed when I saw two of my FAVORITE quotes. One of the happiest rooms in our house. On my summer-to-do list, update the wall with all the artwork the boys will be bringing home on their last day of school. Happy Friday!!

2013 Salt Dough Advent Calendar

IMG_9730I made two batches of dough this year: one for each kiddo. I did very little, they took on most of this project on their own. It has become one of my most favorite Thanksgiving Break traditions.

IMG_9732After baking at 250 for approximately 5 hours and letting the ornaments cool overnight, they were ready to be decorated. The boys were up EARLY and ready to go…

IMG_9759An old egg carton = perfect paint holder. Other half = perfect embellishment holder.

IMG_9762Christmas music playing, warm cup of coffee in hand, happy boys…swoon:

IMG_9772Their finished products. Ready to be sealed (one coat of Mod Podge and embellished):

IMG_9784Jake’s favorite part:

IMG_9791Our 2013 Advent Calendar:


Boredom Buster Jar

Summer Vacation prep is officially under way. First up, update our Boredom Buster Jar:



In addition to our favorite activities from last year, I added the following:

* Pirate’s Map Treasure Hunt: have each kiddo hide a treasure and then draw a map for us to find it.

* Backyard Scavenger Hunt

* Basketball Challenge: various types of shots from various spots on the driveway, possibly different items- bean bags, whiffle balls, etc.

* Send a Letter

* Cars and Ramps: see how high the boys can build a ramp without cars flipping, see how many cars they can bounce from a ramp into a bowl of water, etc.

* Ice Cube Melting Race

* Clapping Call Ball: have the boys throw a ball in the air, call out a number, and try to clap that many times before catching the ball (would also be fun with a balloon).

* LEGO Challenge: have the boys each fill up a bucket with Legos and see what they can build, or have them build by color, size etc.

Class Valentines 2013

For the last four years, we have had to get creative with our class valentines as the boys’ preschool didn’t allow sweet eat treats on holidays. I fell in love with the concept and appreciated the fun goodies brought home in place candy. This year, I wanted to do something fun and crafty…but also wanted to keep it simple. I found this bookmark printable on Pinterest and loved the idea of giving Ty’s classmates a bookmark (as many are just learning to read). Having collected more washi tape than I’d ever like to admit, I thought the washi paperclip bookmarks would be fun. And served as a way to justify the purchase of Valentine’s themed washi. It’s a vicious cycle:


I will have him sign a few each night leading up to Valentine’s Day. I ended up cutting a small slit in the card, sliding the paperclip through, and securing with washi as they’ll all likely be thrown into bags on the big day:

IMG_5754Kept Jake’s class goodies super simple this year: silly straws from Target + THIS printable = fun non-candy goods…


Kid’s Crafty Sub Box: Green Kid Crafts

Another winning box from Green Kid Crafts…absolutely LOVING this box:


I didn’t order the sibling supplement this month. As an experiment, I wanted to see how the boys did with one set of crafty goodness. For this month, it worked out really well. Tyson was so excited to see three candles, he insisted I join them. Diwali Candle making:


The boys sat and worked to make their candles “beautiful” for a long time…love that it was great fine motor skills practice for Tyson as well:


Our finished lovelies:


The next day, with Ty at school, Jake ran to the box and grabbed the mask project. After setting things up for him, he went to town:


And insisted it was a “scary” mask, not “cute” or “beautiful”…


Finished version one, he proceeded to add to it as the day went on…and wore it everywhere:


If you haven’t checked them out, do it!! Super fun crafty projects, awesome philosophy…kid crafty goodness delivered to your doorstep.

We are anxiously awaiting next month’s box!!

Currently have this vision in my backseat: IMG_2207

Crafty Kid Subscription Box RAVE: Kiwi Crate

I have had my eye on this particular subscription box for quite some time. I came across a $10 off coupon code and decided to pull the trigger. SO SO glad I did, we all LOVED this one. For this particular box Kiwi Crate paired with Carnegie Hall to present a music box:



We started with the xylophone activity. First step: decorate the box…



Love how Ty volunteered to help Jake write his name on his box. Sweet boy.



And THIS picture speaks volumes and expresses our love of this box more than I can articulate through prose:



Jake loved the sticker pattern part of the festivities:



Super fun and clever way to teach kids about composing music and patterns:



Playing his first ever composed piece of music, heh:



These make me swoon. I love everything about them:



We moved onto the bell bracelets. The kit provided pencils with which to decorate the wooden beads:



They were a little too tricky for Jake to manipulate, so we used crayons instead. Just as much fun, less frustration from the three year old:



After making the beads “beautiful” we stringed. Jake liked to shake after each bead to make sure it sounded just right…



And then we had our own little family dance party featuring DJ Tyson…so.much.fun!!


I absolutely LOVE this box and am giddy about what is in store for us next month…

If you would like to try, receive $10 off via this link: HERE. Let me know what you think!!


Subscription Box: Crafty Fail


Multiple rainy days = perfect time to bust out the crafty subscription box. Today, we gave the Babba Co. box a shot…



By far, the biggest hit of the entire box was the pair of “noculars” and moon chart:



The boys excitedly waited while I prepped the moon activity:


Ty helped make the glue mixture. His face was priceless. Messy isn’t his thing. This was about as far as he got:


Jake, however, loved:


With Ty out of the picture, I stepped in and helped. One by one, we pieced on the paper squares:


A lot of hardwork later, we had this lovely:


While it dried, we read the book that was provided in the box. Super cute story:


Now, this is where things turn sour. You are supposed to pop the balloon, pull it off the edges, and end up with a round, paper mache moon. Here is our version?!@#$ Not so much. Crafty fail. At least we got the fun little light up candle?


While I love the idea behind the Babba Co boxes: activity, supplemental app freebies, book to supplement activity…it is a little spendy for me. We enjoyed this box but will not be renewing…I have fallen in love with a couple of others.