Sweet Baby Jake

Jacob William
February 3, 2009
8 pounds, 20.5 inches

The Birth Story (Lots of labor and delivery lingo and numbers)

Doctor’s appointment at 2:30- find out that I am dilated 4 cm and 80 % effaced. Go home and think I may have baby in the next couple days…until I get first contraction. Contractions go from zero to three minutes apart by 5:30. Have the Hubs come home from work. Head to hospital around 6:30 (don’t remember exact time). Checked in dilated to 6. Get to room and have to wait a very LONG hour and a half for epidural, meanwhile contractions are 2 minutes apart.

Finally receive epi and have a bad reaction to it. My blood pressure drops, baby’s heart rate decelerates, and I am numb from the boobs down, light headed, and nauseated. They back off the epi and give me blood pressure meds to bring it back up. Left side of my body remains medicated, right side not so much. They break my waters at 9:30. Epi finally under control and my blood pressure levels by 10:30-ish. I have been completely dilated for some time and am now waiting for the baby’s head to drop down further. I happily take the opportunity to rest. Start pushing at 11:25 and baby was born at 11:29. I literally pushed twice…it was beyond surreal that it happened so quickly after having all the complications with the epidural and blood pressure. I am totally fuzzy in the timing, but know that it all happened VERY quickly. I am still in shock that he’s really really here.


My Whiney, Venty, Complainy PG Post…

Pregnancy is not for wimps. Plain and simple. The first time around, many of the complaints and discomforts are lessened by the wonder and excitement that comes with having your first baby. The second time around, you are no longer ignorant of the true challenges to come and often spend much of your time chasing/changing/disciplining/parenting your first born. No naps. No rest. And, for many, because your husband has seen you successfully birth your first born…not a whole lot of pregnancy empathy from the Hubs- who would NEVER be able to handle being pregnant. I’d LOOOOOOOVE to see the men in my life wear an empathy belly and chase after my little darling for a day. That is, after they have a DRs appointment where they are asked to pee in a cup. The belly would supply ample pressure to the bladder so they would sufficiently understand the need to pee a gazillion times and NEVER ask why I am going to bathroom yet again.

I miss sleep. Already. And I know I won’t see it for a long, long time. I can’t seem to ever get comfortable at night and when I do…you guessed it, I have to pee. The baby seems to be supplying a constant, uncomfortable amount of pressure these days. I have blown up. My belly precedes me and the belly in the lap feeling when I sit isn’t so much fun. My fingers swell. My feet swell. Plain and simple. I am done.

A Severely Pregnant, Uncomfortable Mama

Edit to add: Of course, now, today, I am having one of those feeling pretty good moments where I think I could make due all the way til the end…I’ll check back this afternoon ; )

Just About 36 Week Belly…

I’ll admit that these pictures were taken first thing in the morning and that the belly is a whole different phenomenon by the time I go to bed- after all, I seem to retain every single drop of water I come into contact with. By the end of the day, my belly, fingers, and feet take on a life of their own. I suppose the gabillion trips to the bathroom throughout the night are good for something…I wake up and have decent sized feet, belly, and fingers. If only the same could be said for the boo-hoo-tee.


I am officially 35 weeks pregnant with a mere 35 days to go. While I really feel this baby will come early, I can’t help but think I’ve jinxed myself this entire pregnancy thinking that. If this kid is anything like his brother, not only am I in BIG trouble, but he’ll make his appearance in a quick and furious manner. No warning. No signs.

As I near my due date…

* I worry about how Ty will do with a new sibling.
* I worry about the actual delivery…
* I wonder what we’ll end up doing with Ty when the time comes to deliver baby.
* Ty has only been away from me a couple of times overnight- the hospital stay could be the longest time I’ve ever been away from him.

* I wonder how people do this a third time…or even a fourth time.
* I want to laugh when people automatically assume I’ll try again for a girl. Nope. Sorry to let ya down. The odds clearly are NOT on my side for having a girl. I’ll take my two boys and call it a day.
* I am ready to have the baby. My body aches and the discomfort is not fun.
* I also know that however uncomfortable I may be, life is MUCH easier with said babe inside my belly.

My biggest concern:
We literally have NO idea what to name this kid. Nothing. While we struggled to name Ty, at least at this point we had a list of three favorites. By the time we went to the hospital we had it down to two. This go round…zip, nada, zilch.

Getting Bigger and Bigger…

While I am feeling quite pregtastically huge these days, I think the belly is at about the same point as it was with Ty at 26 weeks. What do you think? Can you tell a difference? One pic is from Ty’s pregnancy and one is from this pregnancy…

Note to Self…

* To be read in approximately two years time should you ever get baby fever again…

Dear Self,

Please remember to read this should you ever consider getting pregnant again. In case, for some reason, you forget that you aren’t a fan of being pregnant. Yes, some women see the whole process as a wonderful, beautiful time. Not you. Of course, these are the same women who glow with a special I-love-being-pregnant radiance. You, however, perspire. Shiny-pimple-inducing-too-hot-stinky shine = so not glow-rius. And the dry skin patches on the face. Nice. Some women, the ones who radiate, also grow tiny cute little bellies. You, remember, start the baby belly growth in the thighs and booty. Your body insists upon growing a J.Lo-esque booty to carry a seven pound baby. Back fat. Thigh rubbage. NOT CUTE. Now, these women who also “love” the labor and delivery…you’re not one of them. Epidural-schmepidural. It still HURTS. The glamor ends the second you find out your pregnant. Bloat. Tummy issues. Ah, the fun continues for nine glorious months.

Lastly, remember you LOVE sleep. Another baby = another eternity of no sleep. You miss sleep. You crave sleep. You are good at sleeping….at least you think you are. It’s been so long since you’ve had a full night’s sleep you can’t even remember.

Yes, the cute cuddly baby is worth much of this. And you’ll likely forget all about the above should you really catch the all-consuming-mind-altering baby fever.

BUT consider yourself warned.

Non-glowing pregnant YOU


Pregnancy Scrapbook Part 2

To keep track of each month I made two-sided tags: one side had a calendar that noted important dates the other side provided space for journaling.

Pregnancy Scrapbook Part 1

My pregnancy scrapbook…the cover.
I decided to make it a tag and envelope scrapbook. Almost every page consists of an envelope and tag that slides inside.
We framed this poem and wrapped it as my dad’s birthday present…
1st DRs Appointment
The Big Ultrasound…a double tag with the results underneath…
For our favorite names I made separate girl and boy envelopes. Each tag was double sided with my favorite names on one side and my husband’s on the other…
I decided to keep track of the names our families suggested…there were some pretty funny ones.

These two pages mark the beginning of the monthly pages…

Belly Pics…