I am officially 35 weeks pregnant with a mere 35 days to go. While I really feel this baby will come early, I can’t help but think I’ve jinxed myself this entire pregnancy thinking that. If this kid is anything like his brother, not only am I in BIG trouble, but he’ll make his appearance in a quick and furious manner. No warning. No signs.

As I near my due date…

* I worry about how Ty will do with a new sibling.
* I worry about the actual delivery…
* I wonder what we’ll end up doing with Ty when the time comes to deliver baby.
* Ty has only been away from me a couple of times overnight- the hospital stay could be the longest time I’ve ever been away from him.

* I wonder how people do this a third time…or even a fourth time.
* I want to laugh when people automatically assume I’ll try again for a girl. Nope. Sorry to let ya down. The odds clearly are NOT on my side for having a girl. I’ll take my two boys and call it a day.
* I am ready to have the baby. My body aches and the discomfort is not fun.
* I also know that however uncomfortable I may be, life is MUCH easier with said babe inside my belly.

My biggest concern:
We literally have NO idea what to name this kid. Nothing. While we struggled to name Ty, at least at this point we had a list of three favorites. By the time we went to the hospital we had it down to two. This go round…zip, nada, zilch.


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