What I’ve Learned- Six Week Check-in

Six weeks into my career as a Mama of two I have learned a ton. Granted, I have made many mistakes, laughed a lot, cried a lot, but I am definitely beginning to find a groove.

Things that make my life easier:
* Having two bouncers for solo night time duty. I am still on the hunt for a travel swing of some sort.

* Sit and Stand stroller- don’t know why I thought I could survive without a double stroller. Tyson is surprisingly willing to sit or stand in his “chariot”…he loves to play peek-a-boo with the shade and check on his baby brother.

*My plethora of baby carriers…though I definitely favor my Beco and Ergo- I discovered yesterday, after the urging of a few mommy friends, that Jake can in fact ride safely in the Ergo without the insert. I think this will make my life immensely easier as I can carry one carrier in the car and it will easily work with both kiddos.

* Moving Ty back to his old seat position in the car. He is much happier now that he can see me and I can pass back food/snacks/water/toys to him.

TIPS I’ve learned thus far:
* I keep lollipops in the car in case I have to feed Jake while out and about. The lollipop buys me a quiet feeding session in the car while Ty eats his treat.

* When I go to get Ty from his nap (or when he comes in from outside at class) I always make sure to go to him empty handed and spend some snuggle time with him (even if Jake is protesting). Going to him with Jake in my hands always made him jealous/upset. It really is amazing how five minutes of one on one time can change his mood.

* I always try to spend at least five minutes of one on one time, when possible, with Ty before I feed Jake. If we are out and about, Ty gets a special lollipop in his car seat (so far it works wonders). I am also considering carrying around our portable DVD player in the car in case I have to feed Jake while out and about…will have to try this.

* One of the kids will inevitably poop right as we are about to leave. I always try to aim to get somewhere 20 minutes before hand and because of this we are almost always on time. EVEN with two.

* Things really do get easier everyday…though I lose my mind on a daily basis. I still haven’t quite learned how to truly stay completely calm with both kids are screaming and demanding my attention/time/energy.

* My day basically consists of the following: change one, feed one, clean up, play…change other, feed other, clean up aftermath, play, pick up toys…run to the bathroom for me keeping door open so to keep an ear out for disaster. Start over.

* The boys have yet to synchronize their sleeping but have managed on multiple occassions to synchronize their poops. I find this oddly amazing as it’s such a complicated process, pooping is, and yet they manage to do it at the EXACT same time all the time.

Current Challenges:
* Ty has regressed and started hitting again. He is also showing more jealousy and acting out for attention. We have started a new discipline routine and I hope it works. We’ll see how it goes…

* Staying calm while both boys are screaming for me- usually during Ty’s bath time.

Only two that I can think of…not bad.


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