Three Months…

Three pictures for three months (and because I couldn’t decide on just one). Everyone told me time would fly when I became pregnant with Ty. I didn’t believe them. It didn’t take long for me to learn that they were in fact right. Unfortunately, time seems to be going by even FASTER the second time around…if that’s possible. I have a hard time believing that my little sweet Jake is already three months old…
* he smiles, coos, flirts, talks, and giggles
* he ROCKS at jumping in his jumperoo and tries to jump unsuccessfully in the exersaucer
* he laughed, like belly laughed, for the first time yesterday (5/2)
* he has outgrown all of his 3-month clothing- especially the pants
* he is wearing a size 2 diaper though he should be in a 2/3 or 3
* he can escape tummy time with a roll
* he can scoot himself towards something on his back and escape his swaddle at night
I wish I could say he takes a bottle but we are still working on that.
Otherwise, he is as perfect as can be…

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