Four Months Old

Jake is FOUR months old. Already. I didn’t think time could possibly go by any faster than it did with Ty, but it is.
* He rolls.
* He manages to scoot himself up and down on his back. I’ll put him down in one spot and find him another. I am fully UNPREPARED to deal with two MOBILE kiddos. I have had many conversations with Jake about the oh-so-magnificent ways of staying IN ONE SPOT. Relaxing. Not moving. He clearly doesn’t listen to me. Shocking.
* He still LOVES his jumperoo.
* He reaches for, grabs, and chews on his toys hanging on the play mat.
* The drool never. ends. but neither do the smiles.
* He weighs 15 pounds 11 ounces. Unfortunately, he wasn’t cooperative when it came time to measure length so I have only a guess on the nurses part…26 inches. Though, he seems longer than Ty and Ty was 27 inches long at 4 months. Hopefully the 6 month visit will produce more accurate numbers. Neither of my boys seem to be fans of the doctor.

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