3rd Birthday Letter

Dear Tyson,
More so than the last two years, it is hard to communicate everything I would like to in words. Every year, around your birthday I am catapulted into this frenzy of remembrance and visions of your actual birthday bounce through my head. Memories of the last three years fill my heart and my mind. I had no idea before you were born what it meant to be a mom. I had no idea how much one little baby could change my life. My house. My car. My sleep. You have grown more than I ever imagined possible in the last twelve months:
You became a big brother. Loving and protective:
Your boundless energy keeps me on my toes. Keeps me busy. Keeps me young. You are one of very few people that can keep up with me at the Rez. I look forward to many running adventures in the near future. You are inquisitive. Exceptionally mechanical. Fearless.

Yet, you love to create. Your stepping stone sits proudly on our front walkway and always reminds me of this day. You have taught me the beauty of coloring outside the lines. Opened my color palette. Made our glider your “own”:

You have outgrown your Chandler Bing “CHEEEEESE” smile *thank goodness* and are now quite the ham…when I can slow you down enough to take a picture:

You learned a new phrase, “I do myself” and use it for both good and bad. You love to help wash Mommy’s car and even remind her when it is need of cleaning. Frequently. You often push out your car and wash it while Mommy washes hers:

You started preschool. As in drop off and leave preschool. I think it may have been harder for Mommy than it was for you. It only took a few weeks to get the hang of it and you now tell Mommy to leave so you can get on with your playing. You are particularly fond of Garden Kevin, the garden, and the chickens. You are so lucky to go to a school that introduces you to such fabulous things.

If one word could describe YOUR favorite toy this year it would simply be: TRAINS. You can’t get enough. Your ability to recall the names of each and every train simply by looking at their face is mind boggling. Amazing. You also love your books, especially your “I Spy” books. I often catch you reading until late at night in bed with a secret stash of books you have smuggled into your room. You build fun towers with your Duplos and rock puzzles. You knock out your 24-piece puzzles like nothing often putting your Mommy and Daddy to shame with your puzzle skillz:

You are silly. Funny. And have a great sense of humor. You make us laugh daily.

You love to sing. DANCE. You are truly entertaining when it comes to the Freeze Dance…just thinking about you dancing and playing the Freeze Dance Game brings a smile to my face. You discovered the “marmonica” at Christmas and are really good:

Despite your rough and tumble ways, you have the sweetest, most gentle nurturing side. You are so careful and loving with your stuffed animals. You make sure they are warm, fed, and happy. Your newest friend, The Big Bad Wolf, hasn’t left your side since you got him:

You continue to challenge me to become the best Mama I can. You have taught me patience. Forgiveness. How to let go. You have given me new eyes through which the world is different. Happier. Sappier. Ooey-gooey-er. We love you more than a letter could ever express.
Happy 3rd Birthday, Ty Ty!!
Mom and Dad

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