Before and After: A Visual

A Visual of the Running Necessities Before the Kids and After
Because it’s quite comical…
BEFORE the kiddos, which in all honesty seems almost a lifetime ago, the absolute bare necessities I needed for a good run were my shoes and i-pod:
AFTER the kiddos the absolute bare necessities include: a sippy for Jake, a sippy for Ty, water for me, shoes for Jake, shoes for Ty, shoes for me, snacks for Ty, snacks for Jake, snack cup for Ty, snack cup for Jake, sweatshirt for Ty, sweatshirt for Jake, blanket for Ty, and a blanket for Jacob. Note the absence of the i-pod. For some reason I chose to submit myself to the whines, complaints, and fusses of unhappy children in the stroller. I tell myself I need to HEAR the surroundings though one day, I am sure, I’ll figure out that maybe drowning out said whines, complaints, and fusses may actually make the run more enjoyable:
And perhaps the biggest difference BEFORE and AFTER- the Beast (aka the double jogger) loaded and ready to go. Note to BOB: it would be nice if you had considered that those pushing a double jogger would likely have TWO water bottles of some sort for each kid. Therefore, it would be NICE if you could have added an extra slot for an adult beverage. ESPECIALLY as you charge extra for said holder after already taking one of my arms and a leg for the actual stroller. Just sayin:
My attempt at “in ride” entertainment: books, toys, more books
One kid loaded and ready to go. Bink bink: check. Book: check.
Second kiddo loaded and ready to go. Book: check.
And in the time it took to take one picture, Ty has decided he’s already had enough:
And as always, it’s downhill from here…and we haven’t even left the driveway yet:
Having spent the better portion of the morning packing up for the run and preparing snacks, we still headed out. Ty was miserable. He read each and every one of the books. Ate snacks. And suffered through a 2.5 mile run. I cursed myself the entire way…between snack refill stops. Dropped toys. Book handovers. Binky recoveries. Blanket slips. Fire truck sightings…and subsequent barrage of questions. Dog sightings. Whines. Fusses. I often see moms running on the trails with kids in strollers. THOSE kids are sitting happily. No toys. No snacks. Often a blanket. But I hear nothing. No whining. No complaining. No crying. ?!@#$

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