A Birthday Party for TWO

We had a party for the boys at Bounce U Superbowl Weekend *gasp*. I really can’t rave enough about Bounce U. We literally didn’t have to do any party prep. We just showed up…and had fun. Both bounce rooms were ours and EVERYONE looked to have a really good time. Grown ups included. The kids started the party off with a safety video. Tyson impatiently waiting for the fun to begin:
I definitely had just as much fun as the kiddos. Jake LOVED the slides and bouncers:
Climbing up each time was no joke. Especially when carrying a 24 pound one year old:
Did I mention the curly-haired-ONE-year-old LOVED each and every minute of it:

As did the super-excited-THREE-year-old Ty:

An attempt at a group shot. Note the one kid not cooperating. Shocking, I know:

Unfortunately, I couldn’t back up anymore and didn’t have a different lens…but a pretty good shot of everyone. Sorry, Orion for cutting off your cute little face:

Tyson’s favorite part- the birthday cake- or a new Lightning McQueen and Mater car:

Impatiently waiting for everyone to finish singing Happy Birthday…he desperately wanted his hands on those cars:

Jakey’s special egg-free cupcake:

Making a wish and blowing out the candles:

And a happy camper, finally:

Enjoying the goods:

Also enjoying the goods. Can you tell:

Thank you everyone for coming out on Superbowl Sunday to party with the boys. They are so loved. We are very lucky to have such wonderful friends and family.

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