2010 Goals: Midyear Review

June. Midyear. Time to check in with those “New Year’s Goals” set forth eons ago last December.
* Post holiday photos. I have some really really good ones I swear; however, I have yet to download the new software for the new camera…and hence, have yet to upload any pictures.

* Craft more. Eh, craft period. Revamp (aka bring back to life) the ol’ scrapblog.
The scrapblog has been scrapped. Literally. However, I have managed to scrap and craft a few things. And started a new running blog- that should count for something, right. I have to admit, other than really organizing the scrap goods, I have yet to really get down and crafty. I plan to. I really do. I have lots of ideas. **Now to finish Jake’s baby book before he’s in kindergarten.

* Train for, and complete, TWO half marathons.
One down. One to go. Already registered and PAID for the second. Paying is huge. After having forked over $$ for the honor of running 13.1 miles, you better believe there is no way to keep me from crossing that finish line. I will crawl, hop, skip, limp, roll…do whatever I have to do. Official training starts July 1. **Finish under two hours. 1:59:59 is totally acceptable.

* Cook more. I will take the three cookbooks and TWO aprons I received as gifts as hints. The gods are clearly sending me a message.
Eh. I have definitely cooked “more” which isn’t saying a whole lot. This is definitely one I need to work on. I am so used to tossing myself a salad and cooking a separate meal for the boys. I really need to focus on cooking something for ALL OF US.

* Be better about wearing facial lotion with SPF during the day…and cream at night.
Having recently been diagnosed with late-adult-onset-children-are-stressful-or-something eczema, I have been really really good about this one. Really. The doctor seems to think that pregnancy did a number on my body. And my skin. Joy. Done.

* Experiment with color…in clothing. Venture out of my black yoga pants, sneakers, and long sleeve t-shirt look.
I have definitely done better in stepping out of my comfort zone dressing. I wore a skirt yesterday. A cute one. One that I would have NEVER bought before, but did. And I kinda like it. Now to pair it with my snazzy green ballet flats…one day. Wear shorts? Different story. Glad it’s not a 2010 goal.

* Put the “ME” back in Mommy. Take advantage of our wonderful, amazing, lovely sitter and do things for me once in a while while she is with the kids: run, sit and enjoy a latte, hike the trails I have wanted to do sans kiddos…instead of running errands or grocery shopping.
Quite possibly the easiest and hardest goal on the list. It only took me three years to find a sitter. And one day to fall in love with her. The boys love her. We love her. She has been the greatest thing since sliced bread in this house. Every week, I am rescued by a young-active-college-student angel. She plays with the boys. Feeds the boys. I come home, they are happy, she’s happy. I am able to run. Or shop. Or park under a shady tree and read while drinking a latte. Heaven. Absolute heaven. I don’t think I can ever stamp a “done” on this goal as it is a constant work in progress…

* Read a book a month. Read a book every two months? Eh, read a book.
After not having read a book for an ENTIRE YEAR, I have read more books in the last few months than I have since Ty was born. I rediscovered my absolute LOVE of books. The smell. The crisp pages. The transportation to a different place. I just finished a really amazing book and highly recommend it. Super inspiring. Powder Necklace by Nana Ekua Brew-Hammond. Done.

* Focus on the positive. Smile more. Appreciate more.
I try. Everyday. Lifelong work in progress.

Overall, not bad. Still a lot of work to be done. On the right track…


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