Father’s Day Present

In my head, this was going to be a quick, easy project. Snap a few photos. Print them out. Find a frame. Scrap the sentiment. Voila, done. Heh. Photo shoots with a two year old and four year old are anything but easy these days. It went a little something like this:
“Ty and Jake, do you want to help Mommy make something for Daddy? Father’s Day is coming up soon.”
NO. Want to play with cars.
“Do you guys want to just take a couple of quick pictures?”
NO. Want to play with cars.
“If you take pictures, we’ll go outside and play with the water.”
NO. Want to play with cars.
“If you take pictures, you can have some M&Ms.”
Ty is game. Shocking, I know. We head to the bathroom (for some reason I get the best pictures in there). And it then goes a little something like this:
“Okay Ty, I need you to hold this and smile.”
Promptly puts fingers over writing.
“You need to move your fingers so I can see what it says.”
Turns it around so HE can see what it says.
“No turn it this way.”
Turns it towards me, upside down.
Why am I doing this…
I fix it. He promptly puts it over his face.
“Ty, I need to SEE you.”
Pulls it down. Crazy face.
“Nice face, please.”
Nearly TWENTY minutes later, we have some contenders:
I asked each boy what his favorite thing to do with Daddy was and then wrote it on a chalkboard sticker:
Ty gets his M&Ms and it’s off to tackle Jake.
“Jake, do you want to take some pictures. You can have some M&Ms afterwards.”
He wants the M&Ms. Does NOT want to take pictures.
I beg. Plead. Bribe. He’s not interested.
Finally at bath, I give it another shot. Water and chalk don’t mix.
This is the best shot I have of Jake. I gave up trying after this one:

After the torturous photo session, the final product came out better than I had hoped.
Father’s Day Present:

Tried something new with the ribbon. Love the texture it adds:

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