Art Supply Caddy

One of my goals this summer is to organize and de-clutter our house. The husband and I conquered the garage yesterday: donate, sell, trash piles abound. I conquered our kitchen this morning, which namely consisted of cleaning off our counters and organizing the boys’ art supplies. Thanks to Pinterest, I have wanted to make them art caddies for weeks now, but most of the art caddies pictured on Pinterest are for the older-won’t-draw-on-walls-or-furniture crowd. I took advantage of the Back-to-School sales and made my own preschooler friendly versions for the boys:
Ty’s art caddy:
$3 shower caddy + $1 cups. I figure we can use the cup itself when water coloring. Sticks for glue projects, colored pencils and brushes. Crayons in pencil case.
I have had my eye on a set of four art trays at Lakeshore. They are substantially more than the $1 serving tray that serves the same purpose: easy clean surface, confined area for art supplies so that the crayons don’t roll off, and if dry time is needed for a project, I can simply keep it on the tray and find a place for it on the counter.
Best of all: both sets fit nicely, and out of the way, on top of the fridge.

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  1. elizabeth thomas says:

    where did you get these

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