Crafty Chi Flowing…

I have a few new loves in my life these days: yarn, a glue gun, felt, and Pinterest. If you haven’t checked out Pinterest **cough, cough MOM** check it out. It’s a crafters paradise with a gabillion ideas and projects (along with kiddo crafts, fashion boards, home decor ideas, and more). I noticed a surge in wreaths posted lately: felt, yarn, burlap. I loved them all. I feel a little, okay, a lot, out of my comfort zone with anything other than paper but I wanted to give it a shot. I ordered some burlap, hit up Joanns for a wreath form, felt, and a glue gun, and started in on my first wreath. First attempt:
I also bought some yarn and attempted wreath two. I absolutely LOVE this one. The different colors, textures. I ended up adding another layer of yarn around the wreath for added thickness and have since made a second to be hung on our front doors:
I have a new found love for felt flowers:
And wreath three. I wanted to make one with fall colors in honor of Thanksgiving. This one is currently hanging on our front door:
Learned a new flower technique for this one:
And lastly, a mini wreath. I have since found a little mason jar to put in front of our thankful owl. The boys and I will write on little strips of paper things we are grateful/thankful for and then read them or scrap them later. Or maybe even write them on a piece of paper and then attach to the frame with the date (roll it up and stick it next to the owl)…I am liking this idea.

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