No Scrap Left Behind: Paper Plate Yarn Wreath

Scraps and leftovers from various projects this weekend + small paper plates
Cut out the center of paper plates (I used three to make sure they would be sturdy enough to hold the wreath shape). Use a glue gun to place a small strip of glue, adhere yarn, and start wrapping. And wrapping. And wrapping.
Keep wrapping yarn until you have gone all the way around and covered the entire plate surface. Place a small strip of glue on the back with glue gun to adhere the final piece of yarn.
Adhere leftover felt flowers. Super easy, super cheap wreath ornament. Or gift tag (you can punch out a tag using card stock and glue to the flowers). Or photo frame. Or place card setting for Christmas dinner. So many possibilities…


One Comment on “No Scrap Left Behind: Paper Plate Yarn Wreath”

  1. Oh I really like this great to use a paper plate rather than a wreath form and cheaper too! Great tip.

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