50 in 2012: Book One

The Year Everything ChangedThe Year Everything Changed by Georgia Bockoven
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A story of four women, four complete strangers, and the link that ties them all together: an estranged father. A father, in some cases, that wasn’t known to exist until the presence of a mysterious letter sent by an attorney in Sacramento. The letter claimed the man to be their father, claimed he wanted to see them before he passed, claimed he was dying.

Jessie Reed admitted he made mistakes and wanted to do all he could to correct them before it was too late.

Elizabeth, Ginger, Rachel and Christine embark on a journey that changes all their lives. Each one carrying baggage and scars from the man who claims to be their father. Each one struggling with their current relationship as a result.

While many would be quick to write off a man who seemingly abandons his wife and child, this book explores the reasons and story behind the man. Why he left? Why his leaving is not always as black and white as it may appear. How ones history, man or woman, shapes who they are, the paths they take, and the decisions they make.

Slow in parts, predictable at times, an overall good read. A lot of food for thought.

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