DIY “I Spy” Jar

Super easy. Literally, took about ten minutes. Wash and dry an old glass jar (or use any see through container). Collect various small trinkets and treasures:

Make a simple list of all the goods going in the jar to make up your “I Spy” finding list:

Put all the goods into the jar. Even better if you have an eager helper to do this for you:

Add rice:


To make sure my boys didn’t use their super stealth figure-out-how-to-open-and-dump anything skills, I secured the top with hot glue and added fabric tape around the top. All ready to go. Can you find…:


One Comment on “DIY “I Spy” Jar”

  1. Erica says:

    Love this—and love the sticking-out-my-tongue/lost in concentration shot 🙂

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