Project Life 2012: Weeks 5 and 6

I had so much fun putting these two weeks together. The last few weeks have been a complete blur: birthdays, birthday party, sick family members, repeated drives up to the Lake…it was nice to have the chance to sit and focus on the happy parts that are often overlooked or easily forgotten.


Much of this week consisted of making party favors for the boys’ birthday party. When I decided to make Lego crayons it seemed like a FANTASTIC idea, two batches later and I was wondering what I was thinking…

Celebrated mini-bit’s birthday, had a visit from the Binky Fairy, and drove up to the Lake last minute…

Additional insert this week:

Inside pages of insert: Jake’s favorite things at age 3 (left side is Design D cut down, right side is a 12 x 12 9 pocket page, cut down):

Back side of insert:

The deets:

Week 5 can otherwise be called the week I fell in love with the little flag thingies:

WEEK 6 (my new favorite layout to date)

I really did not have enough pictures for this week. I was out of town and then the husband was out of town…luckily, we had some fun outside Superbowl Sunday and it made for some awesome Project Life-ing. I absolutely adore the middle section of this week:

Another trip up to the Lake, this time with the boys in tow. Got to FINALLY meet my gorgeous new niece. In spite of the circumstances, it was a really awesome weekend/visit:

Title page and the deets:

We had so much fun playing football outside in the front yard. I love that it’s the main focus of this week. Every single one of us headed inside with a smile and the boys have asked numerous times to play again. I am certain it will become a regular weekend activity:

Inspired by the month of February and hearts this week:

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6 Comments on “Project Life 2012: Weeks 5 and 6”

  1. Erica says:

    Loooooooooove all of this!! ❤

  2. Jules says:

    These pages are fabulous and totally pinworthy! Some absolutely amazing photos here – Jacob’s wonderment at cake and candles, boys running round and playing and your brother and his child – moments captured beautifully. And your new found passion for the little flag thingies has added a little special something to your pages. I love the way you cut off part of a journaling card and add it to a photo – I’d never thought of doing that (but I may have to scraplift it if that’s ok?).

  3. Camilla Blue says:

    Love your pages.
    I did a Lego party for my son when he turned six (last year). I love your crayons. Great idea, even if it is labor intensive. They are such a great detail. And details really make a party fun. I look forward to the photos.

  4. kristina says:

    I really love your pages! Great job! Love the photos you captures and the banners/flags throughout! Oh and love the tiny letter stickers usage, too! Cute!! 🙂

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