50 in 2012: Book Six

The Winter SeaThe Winter Sea by Susanna Kearsley

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Alternating between modern day Scotland and it’s 18th century counterpart, the story follows author Carrie McClelland’s attempts to complete her latest novel about the lesser known 1708 Jacobite rebellion. Traveling to Slains Castle for research, Carrie starts to immerse herself in her writing; however, the line between her life and that of her book’s heroine becomes poignantly entangled. As the words comes to her, her fingers flow effortlessly, telling the story that her subconscious wants told. Leaving the fog that has allowed her to pen pages faster than ever before, she researches the details that came to her in the form of richly vivid characters, talking to her, telling their story. She discovers that she has included historical details she could not have simply just known.

Yet, it is not Carrie’s story that is the most touching, instead it is that of her heroine, Sophia. I must admit I was leery of this book. It has sat on my shelf for months, the thickness of it’s spine often leading me to chose another book instead, as well as my lack of knowledge regarding the premise of it’s historical basis: the 1708 Jacobite rebellion. It only took me a few chapters to fall in love with this book, and with Sophia. While the alternating chapters and dual timelines proved frustrating at times, I still found myself hopelessly devoted to learning the outcome of both women’s stories. There are a couple misgivings and questionable scenarios that weaken the overall affect of this book; however, the loves and lives and the women are woven together in a way that is not far fetched or implausible.

“It wasn’t by chance. There wasn’t any part of it that happened by chance.”

A memorable, deftly crafted read. SOMEONE read so we can discuss!! I cried FOUR times throughout this book, of the ugly variety. LOVED.



One Comment on “50 in 2012: Book Six”

  1. linda says:

    recently discovered your site and loving it! I have read a few of your book selections…and YES! Susanna Kearsley is my new favorite author. Read the Winter Sea in February and was mesmerized by her writing and the story. (I also cried towards the end 🙂 Read The Rose Garden next…just as compelling, but the ending kept me thinking for days after. Have ‘Mariana’ but haven’t read yet and she has a new book coming out in October.
    Loving your reviews and will check back for adding to my readiing list…thanks!

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