Project Life 2012: Week Seven

I had a really hard time with week seven. I have had all the photos and extra goodies for weeks but have avoided putting it together. I am not sure why. You’d think a week with a birthday party and Valentine’s Day would be easy. Not so much. I am not entirely sure I am finished, there is something missing to me…just haven’t figured out what. Here is what I’ve got so far, the full layout with additional inserts:

I struggled to find enough pictures this week, hence the inclusion of some bedding that I found and LOVE (not sure it’s Project Life-able but it filled the pocket space for now):

Left side: lots of birthday party details, a special Valentine’s tag made by Ty (he wrote “I Love You, Mommy” but told me he had a hard time making it fit, sweet boy), and a simple movie ticket stub…

And the side I struggled with and did not have enough photos to fill…

Insert one and my first experience with Design E. I wanted to include pieces of all the boys’ valentines from their classmates. I debated taping the top closed but like that the squares can be shifted, or taken out to be looked at if need be.

Bottom pockets are the two valentines the boys made for me. I debated matting them but wanted the back visible as they both signed them:

The Deets:

I love, love, love the little tag Ty made me. One of my favorite parts of this week’s layout:

I was one pocket short of photos this week. I have been looking for new bedding for the last few years, super picky, and finally found something I love. I am just not sure I want it there but it works for now…

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6 Comments on “Project Life 2012: Week Seven”

  1. its all so lovely! love all the additions you’ve included like the cards and the fabric. so lovely.

  2. Christy says:

    LOVE your layout! The materials you use are so cute when put together! I like the labels that you used to show whose Valentine’s were whose! Such a cute idea!

  3. stacey k says:

    It looks good, doesn’t seem like you didn’t ha e enough pics at all. It is nice to add “our” stories (the bedding!) To the album, these are the things that our kids will treasure one day.

  4. Jules says:

    As always, fab pages, I really like your style. Love the co-ordinating title card and the tags for Valentines. I think the photo of your bedding works just fine. If it’s in life, it’s Project Life-able!

  5. Julie says:

    Your pages are fabulous! Love all the little tidbits you used. Also love all your journaling labels.

  6. Kelli says:

    best craft paper or brown paper color add yet! LOVE IT ALL! And the little award like addie with the valentines underneath…sigh beautiful! yay keep calm and project life on, this totally rocks!

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