50 in 2012: Book Nine

Ketchup Is a VegetableKetchup Is a Vegetable by Robin O’Bryant

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Mommyhood is hard. You have ideas of what it means to be a Mom while pregnant but those are often quickly dashed by the time you give birth. As you maneuver your way through the first year, you learn the ropes, gain confidence, and start to feel as though you know what you’re doing. In our house, months 10 through 15 were favorites, ultimate kiddo cuteness abound.

And then, like many, you decide to change the ballgame, make things more interesting and have a second. Thus negating all said learned wisdom and wiping the slate clean. Two equals a whole different world. There were many days were I thought my ONE was impossible, yet something in me told me to have another. Yes, thank that crazy Mommyhood brain and logic.

Now, three years into my parenting career of two, I can honestly say I am glad we took the chance. The boys now have each other to lean on when they are older and bond over discussions about my parenting flaws. I realize that a sibling is a gift that isn’t always immediately realized and I can only hope they value each other just as much one day. Mostly, I realize I wouldn’t have been able to survive this journey with my sanity in tact had it not been for my amazing group of Mommy friends and family. And a sense of humor.

There are a handful of Moms who are not willing to break it down and keep it real. They are unable to peel off the layers and reveal the truth: Mommyhood is not all fun. In fact, there are days where it just plain sucks. Kids are born with the ability to push every single drive-you-crazy button in your body. Multiple times. Relentlessly. BUT, if you’re lucky, you have a group of peeps you can share this with, complain with, wine with…

Robin O’Bryant writes like I am sitting with her at a Mommy’s Night Out and we’re talking about our little cherubs, heh. Though she is a mom of three girls, she has learned the role temperament plays in one’s parenting game. It doesn’t matter if it’s a boy or a girl, spiciness doesn’t discriminate. I nearly cried laughing so hard while reading her chapter on traveling with kids. Her chapter about sending her oldest to kindergarten made me cry tears of sadness realizing how quickly time flies and realizing that I, too, will be breaking up the boys for a couple years.

I absolutely loved this book. The honesty and humor spoke to me. A free download for Kindle, my first electronic read, LOVED LOVED LOVED!!



2 Comments on “50 in 2012: Book Nine”

  1. Katie says:

    I just started reading this, too, and I love it! Robin O’Bryant is absolutely hilarious!

  2. Alison says:

    Great post April! I look forward to reading the book!

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