Beaded Name Collars

Super easy, fun activity for rainy/bad weather days. You only need a few things:

– pipe cleaners

– beads (I have a few old cupcake liner containers that are the perfect size for crafts. I use them for glue or to hold small pieces like beads.)

– tag or small piece of paper to write animal’s name

– favorite stuffed animal

I also like to use a breakfast tray to contain any beads that might spill over, they can’t roll very far.

Have your kiddo string on the beads. One at a time…

Both boys LOVED this, they had a lot of fun picking out names and deciding how many “stars” each dino had earned (I used a mixture of clear beads and star beads):

Wrap the ends tight and put on the dino. Ty named this one “Thundercrack Super Hero Squad”…

And for fun, a shoe box = bed for the baby dinosaurs:


One Comment on “Beaded Name Collars”

  1. Erica says:

    So stinkin’ cute! Gonna have to steal this idea for Sean’s ever growing plush collection 🙂

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