Project Life 2012: Week Ten

I blame Project Life for my desperate longing for an iPhone. Heh. It was love at first Instagram. Another busy week: returned home from Vegas mid-week and made the transition back to home life before preparing for Ty’s first t-ball practice and GAME. Two additional inserts this week:

Full week without inserts:

Our final days in Vegas and my ode to my newest piece of Mac awesomeness:

I can vividly remember thinking about sporting endeavors the day I found out I was having a boy. At that moment, it all seemed a lifetime away. Yet, here it is. Ty’s FIRST t-ball practice, game, jersey, hat…loving it all. Happened to get a great picture of him in his uniform, had it printed as an 8 x 12 at Costco and trimmed it to fit in the 6 x 12 sleeve, love that it also shows his toothless grin. Second insert is a thank you note from one of the boys, they had so much fun writing them. Tyson drew a picture for each person and signed his name, I HAD to keep one. I threw it in an extra favor bag and punched holes, kept it simple:

Love that this week captured the “many faces” of three. In our house, three makes two look like a cake walk. Oy.

Back side of the photo insert, a piece of Ty art:

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10 Comments on “Project Life 2012: Week Ten”

  1. Miriam says:

    great pages!! love all the details!

  2. kj007 says:

    I love your “in instagram” mini layout. too cute, that’s perfect. I love how bright your pages are!

  3. Love your week. What label stickers are you using that have the lines in them. I really like them.

    • momruncraft says:

      Thank you!! The lined label stickers are from the Martha Stewart collection at Staples (LOTS of fun journaling stickers and goodies there).

  4. EK says:

    I know what you mean about the threes making the twos look like a cakewalk! Love your layout. The fresh colors are awesome!

  5. Nicol says:

    love your project life!

  6. your pages look great!

  7. April says:

    oh my goodness love your pages and the feeling of them! your title card is beautiful I need to put more time into mine 🙂

    I also blame PL for my coveting and then purchasing an IPhone…I got one like a month ago and love love love it!

  8. Abby Devine says:

    Love your pages and your instagram shoot… isn’t it addicting???
    What did you use to put your instagram photos into a collage? And where did you print them? Next week will be my first at using Instagram in PL and I need ideas, because I dont have Photoshop

    • momruncraft says:

      I don’t have photoshop either. I bought the collage maker app on my macbook, made the collage there, and then printed the 4 x 6 photo at Costco. I have since put instagrams in both a 4 x 6 print out collage and 5 x 7, love them both. You lose a little bit on either side with the 5 x 7 but it’s the perfect size for the little journal inserts. GL!

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