50 in 2012: Book Twelve

Letters from HomeLetters from Home by Kristina McMorris

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A chance meeting at a USO dance the night before Morgan McClain is to ship out to war, leaves Liz Stephens questioning the life path she has so ardently traversed. Having only shared a magical glance and a few hours of conversation, Liz feels a connection with Morgan she has never felt before. As she begins to wonder if this unplanned fork in her life’s path is worth traveling, misunderstandings and a series of circumstances answer for her. Together with her roommates Betty and Julia, Liz begins a life altering journey in search of answers, closure, and true love.

Three roommates. Three different journeys. One moving, poignant love that transcends tragedy, misunderstandings, and war. Written in alternating chapters, the struggles of war time separation is beautifully illustrated. Hanging on to each written word, the letters help Morgan accept the brutalities and tragedy of war. At home, the letters help Liz make life altering choices and decisions. Ultimately, it is the written words that make this book so memorable, stories told through letters, souls opened and secrets shared; especially poignant in a time where internet connections, text messages, and e-mails have all but phased out the magic of a handwritten letter. A true testament to the power of the written word, absolutely loved this book.


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