The Chronicles of a Non-Biker Non-Swimmer Attempting to Try a TRI

I’ve gone and done it now.

Officially registered for my first sprint tri. Nervous. Scared as hell that I’ll drown via seaweed contact on the swim. If anything remotely slimy or sea-weedy touches any part of me, I am done.

A TRI rests on my life long bucket list among the things that sound really cool to say you’ve done, but aren’t actually among the things you think you’ll really do. Right next to it is to finish a full marathon.

While on vacation last week, one of my goals was to make my way to the pool and swim real laps. For the first time in over twenty years. I thought I would dive in and automatically retain my ten year old swim team glory and form. Not so much. You see that lady there on the treadmill, I am certain she got her fill of free live entertainment watching me splash my way across the pool only to realize that was ONE length. I attempted a flip turn, thinking I could manage the way I did when I was ten, again, not so much. I nearly killed myself.

Yet, despite a less than stellar two days in the pool, I am confident I won’t drown. It won’t be pretty. But I am determined to cross this off my bucket list. Will they let me dog paddle?

And after conquering the swim portion, I am gifted with the bike leg.

Not sure what I am thinking…

Any tips for a total TRI newbie??!!


One Comment on “The Chronicles of a Non-Biker Non-Swimmer Attempting to Try a TRI”

  1. Staci says:

    April, you are amazing! We think the same (swimming in a large body of water, no thank you…cooking a whole chicken, gross no thank you), but where we differ is that you actually go and conquer these things! Can’t wait to hear how you do in the TRI!!

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