Summer Bucket List 2012

One full month into Summer and we have knocked quite a few things off our bucket list and made lots of fun memories:

  1. Funderland
  2. Zoo Day
  3. Beach Adventure
  5. Little Farm
  6. Adventure Day
  7. Lake of the Pines
  8. Organize Books
  9. Library Summer Reading Challenge
  10. Discover a new park
  11. Laugh until I cry…
  12. Bake a pie
  13. Run through the sprinklers
  14. Book club
  15. Magic Mountain Playground
  16. Plant something (anything)
  17. Scrap/craft night
  18. Movie date with all three boys
  19. Pro Baseball Game

One Comment on “Summer Bucket List 2012”

  1. Erica says:

    You are halfway through that list!! WAY TO GO!!!

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