The Color Run

I don’t think any of us had any idea what we were getting ourselves into…

COMPLETELY UNLIKE any race I have ever run before:

* no timing chip

* no time clock

* white shirts worn by allllllllll runners

* 40,000 pounds of colored powder to be dispersed upon all runners

BEFORE: all smiles despite freezing coooooold and crisp white shirts…


Definitely one of the craziest, most laid back races I have ever run. Claimed to be the most fun you’ll everrrrrr have while running…and it was fun indeed. Can’t wait for The Color Run take two in a few weeks. A few lessons learned: Ziplock back for my phone, the powder got everywhere, including inside my running belt. Baby wipes = lifesaver, yay for the mommy pack in the car. BIGGER sunglasses for the next race…


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