Summer Bucket List Mini Album (and Project Life Update)

I have fallen woefully behind with my Project Life. Photos have been taken, printed, cut out, and placed; however, I sit down to journal and embellish…and nothing. I have bought my second album. No matter what I do, I can’t seem to fit an entire year into one album. I decided to divide the first half of the year into one, the second half into another. Unfortunately, both albums sit…sadly alone. I am hoping to find my Project Life chi again in the near future…

Sad, unadorned Project Life photos…love the look of cutting a big photo to fit multiple slots:

In an attempt to “make” something, I decided to try a summer mini album:

A fun way to document our attempts at fulfilling our summer bucket list. Really LOVING my new label maker and loving that the labels bring the entire album together: one thread of continuity.

Having fun with different shaped and sized pages:

A whirlwind of last days started our summer off: last day of school for Jake, last day for Ty…

Last tee-ball game:

First pair of flip flops…

Beginning to knock out bucket list items and including bits and pieces of our summer in the album:

I love how the postcard and book cover add more to our story than a simple photo or journaling of the same:

I have always loved the feel and look of book pages. I think it will be fun to look back on these in years to come…

A small 4 x 4 double-sided photo to change up the size of the pages:

I intend to put the same “bucket list” label on each photo documenting its completion…

It has been a busy kid filled summer. It felt really good to get some crafty goodness completed. I am about half way through the mini album. Looking forward to sharing the finished product…


One Comment on “Summer Bucket List Mini Album (and Project Life Update)”

  1. Erica says:

    I can try to help with your PL mojo/chi. Let’s get that scrap night on the old calendar this month. I can also just come and sit and drool over your goodies and offer some laughs 🙂

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