Project Life: Weeks 21, 22, 23 and 24

I have been really struggling with Project Life the last few weeks. I would sit down to journal and embellish…and nothing. Determined to make a dent, I sat down and decided to just adhere, journal, and go…


Had fun with various combinations of photos and collages this week:

Also included a coin collector sheet with 2 x 2 Instagram photos of Ty’s Class Art Show. Easy, fun way to include massive amounts of photos in a weekly layout. I was able to get one shot of Ty’s individual piece and one of the class set up. A lot of love and time went into the set up and presentation of this art show. LOVE Ty’s teachers:


A family date night: bowling started off one of our busiest week’s to date. A week FULL of lasts: last days of school, last practices, last games. Had a lot of fun with the end-of-the-year teacher gifts this year. Especially as it would be Ty’s last year in preschool, he’s been going since he was 18 months old…

Right side with inserts:

LOVE the comparison shots: now and then. It really is amazing how much they grow in one school year. Jake’s is this year’s first and last day of school. Ty’s is his very first day of drop-off-and-leave preschool and his last day…makes me weepy how fast it all goes.

Inserts are photos printed out as 8 x 12 and trimmed down to fit the 6 x 12 pockets. I cut out the words and used them as tabs…


Looming at the end of the busiest week ever, was a trip away. Without the boys. The packing and laundry were daunting, but the time away was absolutely glorious. First time in YEARS…

Experimented with various textures, my favorite color combination:

Right side with insert. I cut the coin collector page in half, printed out the Instagram photos as a collage on a 5 x 7 page. Cut to fit. Journaled little bits on the opposite side of each photo.

Returned from Coeur d’Alene and went straight to work on our summer bucket list. Hoping to use the label maker for each bucket list item for continuity:


A week of many adventures…

Linking up with The Mom Creative, it has been far too long…

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2 Comments on “Project Life: Weeks 21, 22, 23 and 24”

  1. Kelli says:

    Great pages! I love the continuity of using the label maker for the bucket list pics!

  2. ktware says:

    I really like how you did your weekly/title cards for each week and how clean and consistent your 3×4 sections across the middle look. It all looks really good!

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