Project Life: Week 40

Keeping it short and sweet this week as we are still recovering from a very last minute but extraordinarily magical trip to this place:

Week 40:

LOOOOOOVING the Design F pages:

I was actually short on 4 x 6 photos this week, so I included a funny story that I was going to journal instead:

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6 Comments on “Project Life: Week 40”

  1. Kim says:

    Mr. Indivisible…gotta love it. đŸ™‚ Love all the washi tape!

  2. Heather W says:

    Can I just say, I love your handwriting!

  3. suetrav says:

    I love your handwriting too! That story is so cute “Mr Indivisible” – lol.

  4. ktware says:

    love your handwriting – such a great overall layout!

  5. Cerise says:

    Haven’t heard the Mr. Invisable excuse yet. How funny!
    LOVE the big broken up soccer picture. That looks really great!

  6. Laura says:

    love your pages!

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