Subscription Box: Crafty Fail


Multiple rainy days = perfect time to bust out the crafty subscription box. Today, we gave the Babba Co. box a shot…



By far, the biggest hit of the entire box was the pair of “noculars” and moon chart:



The boys excitedly waited while I prepped the moon activity:


Ty helped make the glue mixture. His face was priceless. Messy isn’t his thing. This was about as far as he got:


Jake, however, loved:


With Ty out of the picture, I stepped in and helped. One by one, we pieced on the paper squares:


A lot of hardwork later, we had this lovely:


While it dried, we read the book that was provided in the box. Super cute story:


Now, this is where things turn sour. You are supposed to pop the balloon, pull it off the edges, and end up with a round, paper mache moon. Here is our version?!@#$ Not so much. Crafty fail. At least we got the fun little light up candle?


While I love the idea behind the Babba Co boxes: activity, supplemental app freebies, book to supplement activity…it is a little spendy for me. We enjoyed this box but will not be renewing…I have fallen in love with a couple of others.



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