Kid’s Crafty Sub Box: Green Kid Crafts

Another winning box from Green Kid Crafts…absolutely LOVING this box:


I didn’t order the sibling supplement this month. As an experiment, I wanted to see how the boys did with one set of crafty goodness. For this month, it worked out really well. Tyson was so excited to see three candles, he insisted I join them. Diwali Candle making:


The boys sat and worked to make their candles “beautiful” for a long time…love that it was great fine motor skills practice for Tyson as well:


Our finished lovelies:


The next day, with Ty at school, Jake ran to the box and grabbed the mask project. After setting things up for him, he went to town:


And insisted it was a “scary” mask, not “cute” or “beautiful”…


Finished version one, he proceeded to add to it as the day went on…and wore it everywhere:


If you haven’t checked them out, do it!! Super fun crafty projects, awesome philosophy…kid crafty goodness delivered to your doorstep.

We are anxiously awaiting next month’s box!!

Currently have this vision in my backseat: IMG_2207


2 Comments on “Kid’s Crafty Sub Box: Green Kid Crafts”

  1. Gina Addington says:

    Just wondering when we should recieve our 1st package.

    • momruncraft says:

      I suggest talking to their customer service or asking on their Facebook fan page. I am not at all affiliated with the company, just a big fan.

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