Project Life 2013: Week Three

Week Three: COLD weather, a birthday, happy mail, and basketball…


Trying to incorporate more of my story this year. Enjoyed looking back at last year’s Project Life and seeing some of our favorite family recipes. I plan to continue including them this year. Our newest discovery: roasted chickpeas. SO YUMMY!! And I realize I am a totally wimpy California girl, but I MISSSSSSS my flip flop weather. A lot. I had to breakdown and buy real coats for our family this year, heh.

IMG_6023Two additional inserts this month featuring the birthday boy:


Back side of 6 x 12 includes an annual birthday letter. I cut down the design F page by one fourth and highlighted Ty’s birthday day…

Back side will be an “All About You” type page. I want him to draw me a couple more pictures and I need to take some photos of his current favorite toys/outfits:


He is having so much fun with basketball this year. It is really amazing how quickly they are all learning to dribble and picking up the game. Poor Jakey wants to play so so bad

Funny things the boys say are one of my favorite things to include…I still laugh when I read their interaction about birthday presents:


Linking up with The Mom Creative this week:

The Mom Creative

And make sure to check out a super fun Project Life blog hop…extremely honored to have been featured:


9 Comments on “Project Life 2013: Week Three”

  1. ericag1025 says:

    Look at you!! Love your pages as always. Do you embellish on the cards or on the outside of the pockets? Or both? Would love to hear what other tips and tricks you’ve learned on your PL journey ❤

  2. Cerise says:

    Love all the pages! What a great idea to have a self portrait and handwriting sample included with a birthday layout. I’ll have to remember that. I keep meaning to write letters to my boys for their birthday and always seem to forget. Never to late right?

    • momruncraft says:

      Absolutely never too late!! I have enjoyed reading the past letters and am sad about missing a couple birthdays- I am going to go back and write them!!

  3. I love how you are altering the kit to add personal touches. Are you using the kit’s patterned paper or are you punching up and cutting up the journaling/title cards.

    • momruncraft says:

      I use so many white grid cards that I am not concerned about running out of core kit journal cards- I am cutting up the cards 🙂

  4. What are the pic sizes on the small cards? 2.5 x 2.5 or 3×3? Love your pages!!!! Thanks for taking the time to share!

    • momruncraft says:

      They are about 2.5 x 2.5 I make six Instagram photos into a collage and print out as a 5 x 7. I seem to always have my phone handy, big camera- not so much!! Thank you for your kind words!

  5. suetrav says:

    What an awesome idea to have the “all about you” page on the back. Including his favourite outfits/toys and artwork is great 🙂

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