Project Life 2013: Week Eight


Absolutely LOVING Olive in spite of living in a land of boys. The blues and greens are my comfort colors, my go-to’s almost every week. The flowers and butterflies add a little touch of girly to my otherwise boy-filled world:

IMG_6434Not a super crazy week, but a lot of “everyday” things: playing out front with cozy coupes- there is something so magical and timeless about their not-so-little feet peeking out of the bottom of the cars. A special “me” time treat: run + coffee date- hoping to make that a more  regular weekend occurrence. Bubble fun and speech prep at work…

IMG_6435With the gorgeous weather, we spent nearly every afternoon out front. I found myself grabbing our picnic blanket and lying by the boys as they played…heaven. More basketball for Ty, my first Crossfit injury…OUCH, and a sweet moment I wanted to capture and remember:

IMG_6437I had a lot of fun with the journal cards this week. LOOOOOOVE the super easy washi tape speech bubble:

IMG_6440Can’t get enough of these colors:

IMG_6443Linking up with The Mom Creative…

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5 Comments on “Project Life 2013: Week Eight”

  1. corey says:

    I absolutely love your PL pages! Could you please share how you get the corners of your journal cards to perfectly rounded? I print a lot of my cards, in addition to using Becky Higgins’ cards, but mine never look that perfect when I hand-cut the corners.


  2. Suzanne says:

    Really cute pages. I bought the digital Olive edition when it was on sale but haven’t used it too much. You make it look so cute!

  3. Laura Kate says:

    Lovely pages. I think Olive works well with so many things. It’s definitely not gender-specific. Glad to see you using it how you like 🙂

  4. Cerise says:

    I really am loving the Olive edition. The colors are great for boys, but all the flowers and pretty butterflies are wonderful to let the girl in. :o) Love the jump rope shot.

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