A Day in the Life…

It’s hard to believe that it’s been three years since I’ve taken on the “Day in the Life” Challenge. SO MUCH has changed since THEN


Up early to make lunches x 2, snacks x 3, and breakfast x 3:

IMG_7162Feed, clean, dress boys. Beginning of our daily amassing of laundry:

IMG_7165Lunches, shoes, backpack: check…

IMG_7168After feeding, cleaning, and dressing the boys, I have approximately ten minutes to get ready. Starting the “60 Day Closet Challenge” today:

IMG_45767:50: in the car, head to drop off number one:

IMG_7175Ty to before school care:

IMG_71778:20: back in the car, head for drop off number two. I don’t think I realized until today just how much time I spend in the car:

IMG_45938:45: drop Jake off and join him for a round of hopscotch:

IMG_7184Waaaaaaaaaait for Jake to settle in, wash hands…

IMG_71869:00: back in the car, head to work.

9:20: love walking into the hallway every morning…

IMG_7188Grade papers, lesson plans, check emails, return phone calls…work schtuff:

IMG_719210:55: catch a peek of Ty playing during his recess while walking to the teacher’s lounge during morning recess.

IMG_719612:30: finish teaching just in time to walk over and pick Ty up.

IMG_7198Super Hero art project day…heh:

IMG_720512:45: back in the car to pick up Jake. Who is always without shoes…every.single.day:

IMG_7212But he’s HAPPY.

IMG_7217And fulllllllllllll of SAND. I am sure that Jake took home half the sand box today. Before we head inside, I vacuum the backseat of the car:

IMG_7219We ran a couple errands on our way home. We are all hungry. I make the boys a snack and finally make myself some lunch. Likely the one part of my day I need to work on/change. It’s always about 2:00 by the time I sit down to eat which is a little late for lunch. I need to be better about packing a snack…I think.

IMG_72242:30: a little Kindle play time.

IMG_7225While I begin a load of laundry:

IMG_72273:00: Jake colors, Ty works on his “All About Words” book for his teacher:

IMG_72294:00: I sit down to organize the last-minute details for Ty’s teacher appreciation week this week. I realize I sent out the right days, wrong dates. Send new emails off…

IMG_72354:30: pack the boys up, grab a water bottle, and back in the car. Mommy “gym” time. My happy place:

IMG_72386:30: it’s late by the time we walk in the door. It’s a Costco dinner night: kale salad and black bean burgers. LOVING my new panini maker, dinner is ready in less than 10 minutes.

IMG_7239Boys eat…

IMG_72447: 15: bath time fun…


IMG_7252Post-bath crazies:

IMG_72617: 45: finally PJ’d and settled in for a show. This kid is totally NOT tired:

IMG_7266Never ending laundry…

IMG_7270A little secret: I loathe folding socks. Like, I’d rather BUY new socks than fold old ones. I often wait and wait and wait until someone starts to complain that he can’t find any cleans ones. Unfortunately, this morning we struggled to find Ty a pair which meant today was the day…I attacked the mountain of socks. LUCKILY, Tyson thinks matching socks is a fun game. He helps.

IMG_72748: 15: Daddy sneaks in at some point. During the daddy-is-home and sock folding excitement, this one fell asleep:

IMG_7276Which means quiet one on one book reading with Ty before bed:

IMG_7277Put Ty to bed, FINALLY shower, and sit down…it’s just about 9:00. Tired Mama.



One Comment on “A Day in the Life…”

  1. This is great! Are you going to add it to your PL? I love the idea of this, but always forget halfway through the day to keep documenting/taking photos. Someday… I’m also curious about the 60 day closet challenge!

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