Project Life 2013: Weeks 15 and 16


IMG_7287I did a lot more of this last year, I am not sure why I haven’t done much this year, but I like the look of continuity offered when journaling across two similar pages…

IMG_7289I have always loved the end of the game team cheer. Jake has been making everyone laugh at games. Not the least bit interested in the game, instead his legs are often crossed, shade up, Kindle-ing away:


IMG_7292WEEK 16

IMG_7296Finally figured out how to use the little SC sequins. This was an INSANELY busy week for us: parent/teacher conferences, baseball games, spring sing, an impromptu coffee date with an old friend, and the return of one of my most FAVORITE shows on television…

IMG_7298I find nothing cuter than Tyson all decked out in his catcher gear and had I been paying attention, I would have noticed I used the same phrase the week before…meh. Not going to make any changes. I love how the photo of him is the highlight of the week:

IMG_7301I have a feeling I will be doing this a lot more often, I love the idea of highlighting favorite moments/photos like this:



One Comment on “Project Life 2013: Weeks 15 and 16”

  1. Pallavi says:

    Wow I really admire you for working, taking care of kids, doing housework, and keeping up with PL you are one super mom!

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