Boredom Buster Jar

Summer Vacation prep is officially under way. First up, update our Boredom Buster Jar:



In addition to our favorite activities from last year, I added the following:

* Pirate’s Map Treasure Hunt: have each kiddo hide a treasure and then draw a map for us to find it.

* Backyard Scavenger Hunt

* Basketball Challenge: various types of shots from various spots on the driveway, possibly different items- bean bags, whiffle balls, etc.

* Send a Letter

* Cars and Ramps: see how high the boys can build a ramp without cars flipping, see how many cars they can bounce from a ramp into a bowl of water, etc.

* Ice Cube Melting Race

* Clapping Call Ball: have the boys throw a ball in the air, call out a number, and try to clap that many times before catching the ball (would also be fun with a balloon).

* LEGO Challenge: have the boys each fill up a bucket with Legos and see what they can build, or have them build by color, size etc.


One Comment on “Boredom Buster Jar”

  1. […] us could write down a daily gratitude. We have used popsicle sticks and mason jar before with our Boredom Buster Jar, but I wanted to incorporate them into this project as well. I decided to use mini bags as the […]

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