2013 Summer Bucket List

IMG_7367Loved and used the Me and My Best Ideas pocket pages journal cards. The colors were perfect. Kept embellishments simple with wood veneers and washi tape. I will clip pictures from our endeavors behind each tag as I did last year:


Our 2013 List:

1. Little Farm

2. Girls Weekend

3. Swim Day

4. Make popsicles

5. Lake of the Pines

6. Movie Date with all three boys

7. Beach Day

8. RUN

9. Vacation

10. Baseball Game

11. Volunteer with the boys

12. Bake a pie from scratch

13. Library Summer Reading Challenge

14. Scrap Night

15. Mini Golf

16. Zoo Day

17. READ

18. Organize toys

19. LAUGH until we cry



One Comment on “2013 Summer Bucket List”

  1. kathygayhartcarter says:

    This is FABULOUS!!! I love your idea for the project! 🙂

    Blessings ~~ Kathy C

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