50 in 2013: Books Six and Seven

The Last Camellia: A NovelThe Last Camellia: A Novel by Sarah Jio

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fiona, desperate to help her struggling parents, agrees to be a part of an international ring of flower thieves. She has been booked to nanny for a family living in an old English estate housing one of the last remaining camellias known as the Middlebury Pink. Her mission: gain their trust and locate the Middlebury Pink. Once there, she learns the family’s story is rife with sorrow and sadness. The lady of the house was tragically found dead in her beloved garden. Her death a mystery.

More than a half century later…

Haunted by a tragic decision she made as a teenager, Addison has lived most of her adult life trying to lock those memories away. Shedding her birth name, Amanda, her past resurfaces when she hears her named called by a hauntingly familiar voice. A voice she could never forget.

With her past disturbingly close, Addison chooses to flee to her husband’s English countryside manor. While there, she discovers the house itself hides tragic secrets of its own. The lady of the house was found dead in the garden and the family nanny disappeared. As Addison makes herself comfortable in the manor, she discovers locked doors, secret corridors, and uncovers family secrets that were never meant to be revealed. As she solves the mystery of Lady Anna she finds horrific clues that detail events beyond comprehension, she also finds the strength to finally deal with her own secrets.

Suspense, an exotic, rare camellia, a ring of flower thieves, lies, secret codes, betrayal…this book has it all. AMAZING.

My Berlin Kitchen: A Love Story (with Recipes) My Berlin Kitchen: A Love Story (with Recipes) by Luisa Weiss

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A tale of following your heart, even when it means deserting love. Sometimes one’s passion can impede his or her growth in a relationship if the passion is not shared. The author’s courage to follow her heart and accept her need to be “home” is inspiring and ultimately leads her to find true happiness in spite of immediate sorrow. Fun read with some delicious looking recipes. Author currently blogs at Wednesday Kitchen.


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