December Daily 2013: Part One

I swore up and down I would absolutely NOT do December Daily this year after making it through day three last year. I will NOT BUY A December Daily Kit, I said. NO, NO, NO. And then the kits came rolling out. And it became, maybe I’ll buy ONE kit this year. JUST ONE. Heh. For the most part, I stuck to the one kit purchase. I am really hoping THIS is the year I FINISH my attempts at a Daily December album. Hold it to me people.


ddcoverpageDay 1: I am more or less keepsaking moments versus days. In the little bag, I had the boys write down their hopes for the season, and I did the same. Having completely dropped the ball on family photos this year, I had Jake draw a family portrait. I kind of love it more than an actual photo…

ddp1Day 2: I lost an envelope of pictures somewhere. I have no idea where they are. I have ordered second copies and am waiting for them to finish this page…

ddp2Day 3: Decorating our tree…

ddp4Day 4: A Thanksgiving Break tradition, our third year doing it, making our Salt Dough Advent Calendar. The boys did most of the work this year. These ornaments are always my FAVORITE.

ddp6Day 5: Our Elf on the Shelf made his annual appearance. Magic for the boys, many EARLY MORNING panicked wake ups for ME- did I move the elf??!!

ddp7Day 6: The beginning of the boys’ Christmas Lists. As of today, Christmas Eve, they’ve penned about five different versions of their list…

ddp8Day 7: First real season of basketball for Tyson. So much fun. So different watching him play a sport where he is truly SELF motivated…

ddp9Days 8 and 9: The calm before the December Crazy storm. Trying my best to stay ahead of the game. And a fun, mid-week birthday party…

ddp10Days 10 and 11: More fun with Victor, our elf, and an ice skating adventure with my boys…

ddp11Days 12 and 13: Will trim black and white photos to place in the cut out letters of “favorite” and I had to keep Tyson’s last list. I know that all too soon his list will no longer reflect little boy wishes…sigh.


Half way there!! Chugging along…


2 Comments on “December Daily 2013: Part One”

  1. brandi white says:

    Your pages look great! You will always be so glad you have this album of your Christmas with your boys! Great job. Please share where you got the “photo love” card for day 10. Is it is card or a stamp? Thanks for sharing~

    • momruncraft says:

      Hi Brandi,
      I believe it’s a card from a Gossamer Blue or Cocoa Daisy PL kit!! Thank you for your kind words!!

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