Project Life 2013: Weeks 47 thru 51


Otherwise known as the week I fell in LOVE with the Mini Dear Lizzy kit. And the blue, gray, white color combination. I may have ordered one more kit. Or two. Hoping to use it quite a bit in 2014.



IMG_0114WEEK 48

IMG_0116Super easy way to include multiple stories in one journal pocket: mini bags. Also easy to use for stories you may want to remember but not want everyone to “see”…


IMG_0118WEEK 49



IMG_0121WEEK 50



IMG_0124WEEK 51

IMG_0125I fell in love with gold this week. It will likely be a main player in my 2014 Project Life. As will simplicity. My third complete Project Life album and I love the project just as much as I did in 2011…




4 Comments on “Project Life 2013: Weeks 47 thru 51”

  1. Sharyl Olson says:

    Hi, What is the tan color of washi tape that you used for week 49 (has the weather)? Also, do you use a typewriter to type up the small word strips on your layouts or the computer?
    Your style is so clever….love the different color scheme’s each week.

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