Pocket Pages with me & my BIG ideas

Every year on each of the boy’s birthdays, I try to do a layout all about them. What they are loving, what they are doing…how they write their names. Little pieces of them. Their marks on the page, the stray pen lines…my favorite keepsakes. This year, I vowed to tell more of my story. I was inspired by the prompts on the me & my BIG ideas cards and had a lot of fun with this one…


I often start with a card or color, gather all the cards I can find, any possible embellishments, and the set the cards out on an empty pocket page. I have the photos I want to use near by and start mixing and matching, moving things around…it is all a very informal process for me. But there is always a certain color or theme that brings it all together.

greencollageMy real inspiration for my page, Tyson’s page:


tycollageeditThank you for visiting!!


One Comment on “Pocket Pages with me & my BIG ideas”

  1. Sharyl says:

    Happy Birthday to your sweet boy….love the colors…and all the cute details…precious!

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