Summer Bucket List


We have just about survived our first double sport season: baseball. Two boys, two different leagues, two different cities…needless to say, I am desperately looking forward to summer vacation. Visions of easygoing mornings and park play dates dance through my head. With the boys’ help, we came up with our 2014 Summer Bucket List. I fell in love with the me & my BIG ideas Big Alphabet stickers. I absolutely adore the font, the size, the ease of use…

I also updated out Bored Jar to include some of the boys’ new loves:

– Lego Challenge: fill a box/bowl with Lego’s and see how many things they can create.

– Art Journal: Doodle Challenge. I plan to draw a doodle line of some sort and have the boys create a picture around it.

– Yoga: our local cable company has quite a few fun yoga programs for kids. The boys love. It makes me swoon to watch…

– Block City: masking tape + blocks + cars = the boys will play for hours.

– Kinetic Sand Sensory Bins: a huge hit, the boys LOVE this stuff…if you haven’t touched it in person. Find some. It is crazy fun. Think of playing with sand the consistency of fresh brown sugar, minus the stick factor. The boys can build, cut, pretend “cook”…independent play at its finest.


13 more teaching days until summer. Not that I am counting. Totally counting…


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