me & my BIG ideas: The Happy Planner DIY Washi Labels

Surviving two boys playing baseball in two different Little League divisions will go down as one of my greatest parenting feats to date. In order to help keep different practice times, game times, and game sites straight, I color coordinate each kiddo’s weekly activities using washi tape and labels. I typically pick a color theme for each week and washi accordingly. The labels are removable, so should a game or practice be cancelled, I can simply remove the label or move it to a different day.


The washi tape labels are super easy to make. All you need is a paper trimmer, scissors, labels, and washi tape.

1. I trim the labels to size using the paper trimmer. I eyeball it, mostly trimming to cut off the rounded edges.

2. Run the piece of washi tape down one edge. Leaving room to write.

3. Cut labels apart.

4. Plan away…super easy.

Some examples of how I have used various washi labels in my me & my BIG ideas The Happy Planner:

IMG_7353 IMG_7627

Happy Planning!!


One Comment on “me & my BIG ideas: The Happy Planner DIY Washi Labels”

  1. shelby says:

    Love this idea!!!

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