Valentine’s Day Sensory Tub



DIY Geo Board/ Car Maze

$1 piece of scrap peg board from Home Depot, cut into thirds + big box of nuts and bolts = hours of fun. Super easy. Had Ty place the bolts every other hole. Then had him screw on each hex nut one at a time. It took forever. As planned. He stuck with it.

Poke through one bolt, screw on the hex nut, repeat. Over and over and over…
 I then handed him a rubber band ball, which he thought was one of the most amazing human inventions of all time. Once the novelty wore off, we began constructing a road maze:
 After making a clear path through the pegs, we filled in the holes with rubber bands. The boys would later make them into parking spaces:
Enjoying their new car maze/geo board:

Mud Dough

The boys love the idea of playing in the mud, but not so much the reality of it sticking to their hands. And clothes. And shoes. I found a recipe for mud dough and whipped it up for the boys. Super easy. They LOVED it:
Tyson immediately ran and grabbed a few of his construction trucks:
Jake grabbed his:
And they played and played and played….the best thing about this homemade dough, the more you play with it the better it gets.

Rainy Day Art Activities: Painting with Matchbox Cars

We’ve had about TEN days of rain IN A ROW. TORTURE for this outdoor-loving Mama. Everyday this week, we’ve had down pouring-can’t-play-outside rain and poor Jake goes to the sliding doors…”Outside Mama? Bubbles? Swing?”
Today, out of sheer desperation, I broke out our hidden art supplies. Many of which the boys haven’t seen before:
I decided to try something they both loved at school. We would paint with Matchbox cars, animals, and rubber balls. Dip item in paint…roll around in box. I had each of them find two or three cars and taped the paper down:
We tried big stamp pads first. Ty had fun but the cars didn’t really pick up enough ink to make the prints stand out:
So, we moved onto paint. And got the desired effect:
Ty liked to dip and roll. And then shake, shake, shake the box:
I also had some black canvas pieces for the boys to paint and decorate:
Jake also liked to dip and roll with the cars. It was a super easy, fun way to get them to paint. Usually neither boy is interested in finger painting (or getting their hands dirty):
I found some BIG letters and let them each paint one. First with blue and green. And then with glitter glue. The boys apparently love the bling. Biggest hit of the day:
So glad I spent twenty minutes covering every inch of our kitchen table. Thought this would make a fun scrapbook picture:
Tyson painting his “T”:
Painting some small 8 x 8 white canvas boards:
I don’t think we’ll ever paint without the box again. Kept everything contained, dry, and clean:
After a few hours, many snack breaks, many dance breaks….our final products:
Which then turned into some much needed hallway art for the house. Ty’s box:
Jake’s box:
LOVE the boys’ art. It makes me smile. And love that they were so excited to see their shadow boxes and art hanging up:

Finshed Valentines for the Boys’ Classes

More Fun With Pasta…

Second batch of dyed pasta. So much more color. Finally got it down. Take one Tupperware of colored pasta:
Six gold bells:
Hide the bells in the pasta. Have kiddo search using tongs. Tyson enjoyed for a good thirty minutes (aka an ETERNITY in toddler time):

I found some really fun cardboard cut out shapes at Michael’s. Tyson asked for the robots and rockets. He enjoyed gluing the pasta shapes onto the robot. As well as coloring it with his crayons. A fun indoor, QUIET activity:

Working really hard. Trying to avoid any glue touch-age on the fingers:

“Mommy, I did it. Ta DAAAA!!”

Rainy Day Fun- Colored Pasta

I came across a Mommy Activity blog that mentioned dying pasta for color sorting and crafty endeavors so I gave it a go today. Ty LOVED it though my first batch of pasta was a dud. I didn’t leave the pasta soaking long enough and made too big of a batch. I figure we’ll use this pasta for future craft projects:
Tyson didn’t seem to mind the dud batch. I gave him cups and tongs for sorting along with two big bowls and a cupcake pan. He played with this off and on all day:
I will be making a trip over to the local teacher resource store to pick up a smaller set of tongs for him but he enjoyed trying to work the big ones (though difficult with the small pasta):

Lesson learned- smaller batches, soak longer…much richer color on the pasta. I will let it dry overnight and the new and improved batch should be ready first thing in the morning: