Rainy Day Fun- Colored Pasta

I came across a Mommy Activity blog that mentioned dying pasta for color sorting and crafty endeavors so I gave it a go today. Ty LOVED it though my first batch of pasta was a dud. I didn’t leave the pasta soaking long enough and made too big of a batch. I figure we’ll use this pasta for future craft projects:
Tyson didn’t seem to mind the dud batch. I gave him cups and tongs for sorting along with two big bowls and a cupcake pan. He played with this off and on all day:
I will be making a trip over to the local teacher resource store to pick up a smaller set of tongs for him but he enjoyed trying to work the big ones (though difficult with the small pasta):

Lesson learned- smaller batches, soak longer…much richer color on the pasta. I will let it dry overnight and the new and improved batch should be ready first thing in the morning:


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