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Class Valentine’s Day Goodies

I made these last year for Ty’s class and was excited to make them this year for Jake’s class.

“I Spy” Can You Find? Cards:

Super easy. All you need is a white piece of paper, pen, and collection of your kiddo’s red toys:

Write “Can You Find?” on the piece of paper. Lay out a few of the goods to be found:

Arrange all the toys:

Simple as that. I had the photos processed at Costco in wallet size. For less than $5 you get this:

For big bit’s class, pirate valentine’s (free printable) with a heart eraser (Target Dollar Spot):

Class Valentines

Little heart erasers from the Dollar Spot at Target + free printable (HERE)

= fun, easy class valentine treats for the boys’ classes:

Christmas Card Mini-book

Super simple solution to make all the photo cards we received this Christmas into a keepsake booklet. Just punch holes, add binder rings, voila – done. I added a piece of thin cardboard to the back and a clear plastic page for the front for stability.

Last year I consolidated cards into a 12 x 12 scrapbook page but ended up losing a lot of actual card/photo. I love that the booklet keeps them all intact and doesn’t take up much space.

Simple embellishment for title/cover:

It will go in our Christmas memory box with a few other goodies:

DIY Advent Calendar

Remaining section of $1 scrap peg board + piece of burlap + clothes pins + various pieces of scrapbook paper = fun advent calendar

The result of a fun Girls Night In crafty night and a morning of crafting with the boys…I couldn’t decide which one to use, so we’ll use them both.

Kid Made Salt Dough Ornament Advent Calendar

It makes me smile to see the boys’ handy work displayed. I am excited to put ornaments ON our tree for the first time in four years. No little toddler hands to pick them off. An ornament a day until Christmas…

A combination of salt dough ornaments and the handmade clay ornaments…

No Scrap Left Behind: Paper Plate Yarn Wreath

Scraps and leftovers from various projects this weekend + small paper plates
Cut out the center of paper plates (I used three to make sure they would be sturdy enough to hold the wreath shape). Use a glue gun to place a small strip of glue, adhere yarn, and start wrapping. And wrapping. And wrapping.
Keep wrapping yarn until you have gone all the way around and covered the entire plate surface. Place a small strip of glue on the back with glue gun to adhere the final piece of yarn.
Adhere leftover felt flowers. Super easy, super cheap wreath ornament. Or gift tag (you can punch out a tag using card stock and glue to the flowers). Or photo frame. Or place card setting for Christmas dinner. So many possibilities…

Christmas Wreath

One more wreath before I hang up the glue gun for a while. Christmas colors:
Experimenting with two-tone flowers:

Thankful Turkeys

Both boys were home sick all week last week, sick enough to have to miss school but energy enough to challenge my last nerve. In an attempt to keep them busy, indoors, we did a lot of arts and crafts. Project number one: Thankful Turkeys. A fun, multiple step project that took most of the morning. Drying time for the markers and paints worked nicely as snack breaks. Tyson began the project by cutting one inch strips of paper. Good practice for him: he had to slow down, line the paper up to the one, and cut carefully.
Meanwhile, Jake decorated lunch bags with his favorite dabber dot markers. The bags would become the body of the turkey.
Tyson decorating his turkey bag:
Each kiddo also decorated four strips of paper:
I then asked them what they were thankful for, knowing they are still a bit young to completely understand the overall concept.
The end result:
Jake is thankful for: Mommy, Daddy, and Tyson, Grandparents, Umizoomi, and Target.
Tyson is thankful for: Mommy and Daddy, Grandparents, his Transformers, and his toys and trains.


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