Class Valentines 2013

For the last four years, we have had to get creative with our class valentines as the boys’ preschool didn’t allow sweet eat treats on holidays. I fell in love with the concept and appreciated the fun goodies brought home in place candy. This year, I wanted to do something fun and crafty…but also wanted to keep it simple. I found this bookmark printable on Pinterest and loved the idea of giving Ty’s classmates a bookmark (as many are just learning to read). Having collected more washi tape than I’d ever like to admit, I thought the washi paperclip bookmarks would be fun. And served as a way to justify the purchase of Valentine’s themed washi. It’s a vicious cycle:


I will have him sign a few each night leading up to Valentine’s Day. I ended up cutting a small slit in the card, sliding the paperclip through, and securing with washi as they’ll all likely be thrown into bags on the big day:

IMG_5754Kept Jake’s class goodies super simple this year: silly straws from Target + THIS printable = fun non-candy goods…


Holiday Teacher Gifts: Vanilla Chai Sugar Scrub

I have become slightly obsessed with sugar scrubs lately. I had no idea how simple they are to make and how FABULOUS they are for your skin. I LOVE all of the teachers the boys have this year. Every single one. While I still plan to add something of the gift card or wine variety, the boys I made a vanilla chai sugar scrub for each of their teachers:


So so so easy. Mix dry ingredients. Add vanilla, honey, and oil. Stir. Jar. Done.


Whisker Graphics bags + twine + simple tag = wrapped and ready to gift:


There are a multitude of recipes out there, I altered the one I found on Pinterest to be a little bit more aromatic:


1 cup brown sugar

1 cup granulated sugar (or turbinado raw sugar)

1 cup + 1T oil (I used grapeseed oil)

6 to 10 chai tea bags, opened and added into dry ingredients

1 tsp honey

1 tsp vanilla

1 tsp cinnamon

20-ish drops cinnamon essential oil

Salt Dough Ornament Advent Calendar

I have a feeling this will be a Thanksgiving Break activity for the next few years…we all love it and the final product makes me smile. I am glad we’re a little early this year as it just means a few extra days to look at the boys’ hard work. The boys were able to do the majority of the work. After helping to mix the dough, I divided it into two halves and let the boys roll it out:

And then handed over the cookie cutters:

I love how they are completely covered in flour…heh. On Ty’s face, shirt, arms…everywhere:

We worked in batches and the entire process took us about three days. I ended up making three batches of ornaments: two were perfect, one, I forgot to punch the holes in the top. Grrr. This is the third different salt dough recipe I’ve tried. I wasn’t happy with last year’s and gave this new one a try. I think it’s a keeper. Simple: 1 cup salt, 2 cups flour, 1+ cups water until thoroughly mixed. Bake at 250 degrees for 3 hours…

After letting the ornaments cool over night, I set the boys up for painting. Christmas music on in the background for inspiration, paints ready to go, and the boys went to town:

Batch one: success. I painted a quick, light layer of Mod Podge on each ornament after the boys went to bed:

As soon as they woke up, they begged to make the ornaments “beautiful”. I handed over the bling, sipped my coffee, and watched them beautify the ornaments:

Makes me swoon…

As I stringed the ornaments, I had the boys make super simple bead ornaments to add to the mix. All you need are a few pipe cleaners and beads. I put a star on the end and bent the pipe cleaner about 3/4 of an inch up to give me room to work with and finish the ornament:

Good for fine motor skills practice and takes a loooooooong time. One bead at a time…

Their finished ornaments:

And our family advent calendar. Each day, the boys will hang one ornament on our tree…

Loving the addition of Star Wars ornaments this year:

I had a little ornament-making fun as well:

Kid made holiday goodness…bring on the December crazy!!

Happy Halloween


Class Valentine’s Day Goodies

I made these last year for Ty’s class and was excited to make them this year for Jake’s class.

“I Spy” Can You Find? Cards:

Super easy. All you need is a white piece of paper, pen, and collection of your kiddo’s red toys:

Write “Can You Find?” on the piece of paper. Lay out a few of the goods to be found:

Arrange all the toys:

Simple as that. I had the photos processed at Costco in wallet size. For less than $5 you get this:

For big bit’s class, pirate valentine’s (free printable) with a heart eraser (Target Dollar Spot):

Class Valentines

Little heart erasers from the Dollar Spot at Target + free printable (HERE)

= fun, easy class valentine treats for the boys’ classes:

Christmas Card Mini-book

Super simple solution to make all the photo cards we received this Christmas into a keepsake booklet. Just punch holes, add binder rings, voila – done. I added a piece of thin cardboard to the back and a clear plastic page for the front for stability.

Last year I consolidated cards into a 12 x 12 scrapbook page but ended up losing a lot of actual card/photo. I love that the booklet keeps them all intact and doesn’t take up much space.

Simple embellishment for title/cover:

It will go in our Christmas memory box with a few other goodies: